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House Of Hardcore 25 Review


  • April 22nd, 2017
  • House Of Hardcore
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Viewing House Of Hardcore 25 as my first card from the promotion ran by ex ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer I went in with high expectations and was sadly extremely let down.

Chuckles vs. Matt Striker

What a horrible way to start the card. Chuckles has a bad clown gimmick while Striker being gold on the mic for Lucha Underground is sadly a bland and almost lifeless wrestler. In ring Striker does nothing to stand out or draw much excitement and this was no exception. A weak match with a weak finish to start the event.

Alex Reynolds (w/Maria Manic) vs. Little Guido
2nd match in and nothing improves. This match was mainly around to give Guido a chance to come out and showcase himself himself. Reynolds even creates insane heat on himself but not good heel heat with the crowd clearly wanting nothing to do with him even being there. Ricky Steamboat does come out and shows himself off looking good for his age.
John Score, Pat Buck & Tom North vs. The NOW (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) & TJ Marconi
This was another match that seemingly was put together just to showcase special guests this match being Blue Meanie, Velvet Sky, and The Sandman (who apparently was one day off of surgery).
CW Anderson vs. Juventud Guerrera
Next match pushes two washed up wrestlers trying to hold onto former fame and continues with Juventud’s push of attempting to come back strong. It was a very sloppy and botch filled match that moved too slowly to be entertaining.
Action Ortiz vs. Brian Cage vs. Rhett Titus
Finally a half decent match but as expected can be thanked for Brian Cage being included. The more Cage is around shows how he is one of the best on the indy scene and proves that size doesn’t matter when Cage manages to flip around sometimes as well as some half his size. Ortiz though impressive with a front flip over the ropes onto the outside often gave sloppy weak looking hits. He also had a sloppy fall from the second rope during the match.
Bull James vs. MVP
Another match with two people that many didn’t seem to care about. James was slow and sluggish during the match. It was a uneventful but thankfully quick match.
Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Hardys (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)
This match had a lot going with it. Dreamer comes out first and gives a speech talking about how HOH was all wrestling and no politics or BS but sadly something had happened. (That something being the Hardys getting signed to WWE and then being pulled from the event before being allowed to finish their obligation they had made beforehand). At this point The Spirit Squad comes out and riles the crowd up drawing him against themselves saying Vince won’t let The Hardys wrestle but they’ll fight Dreamer. Hardys eventually come out and wrestle with Spirit Squad running in. Even with a table spot and everything the match was subpar at best. It was a slower and very safe match they put on.
Penta El Zero M vs. Sami Callihan
By far the best match of the night but still a lighter brawl then the two have had in AAW. Both men as usual work great and are great with the crowd. They each get their pops and are given chances to have some great spots. I will say that JT Davidson did sell the Canadian Destroyer to a perfection from Penta.
I have to say this too that the commentary team for this event is dull and lifeless. They speak with almost no excitement for anything and are painful to have to hear. For this being my first HOH event it really only had one good match and too much that just fell very short.
Score : 3/10