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Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition Review


  • June 15th, 2017
  • Virtual Air Guitar Company
  • Xbox One


Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition is a rhythm based side scrolling shooter that’s part music game part homage to arcade games.

The game is 50 levels all lasting no more then 2 minutes with your objective being shoot everything on screen while making it alive till the end. You control a man with his guitar on a quest to challenge Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple Of The Rock Gods. As for a story there really isn’t much of one or anything.

What attempts to set this game apart from others like it is that your guitar has 5 different firing modes and each is activate by pressing buttons in rhythm with the music being played. Now at first this may seem like a great idea but I found that I never had to focus on the music and that simply pressing the button with a simple beat would do or even mashing the button worked fine. This may eliminate what they were hoping for but at times the game can get a little chaotic and you’ll forget to do it with the musics timing.

Going through the different albums that are each 5 levels and have their own themes and backgrounds I rarely ever died. Each album ends with a boss but all are rather simple and patterns repeat themselves for each boss. After each album you unlock a new guitar that has different attacks and is more powerful than the one before it. There is also a XP system for killing enemies that ultimately unlocks nothing.

For a music game that music is not bad for the short bursts you hear it although it does start to blend in together quickly enough. The backgrounds for each level is a beautiful hand drawn one and one of the highlights for sure.

Overall though Air Guitar Warrior is a game that will only take around 2-3 hours max to 100% it and even at that length you’ll grow bored of it. The game has zero replay value and quickly shows that there is nothing beneath the surface with this one. Its fun for a cheap discount buy but only if your looking for something to last an hour or two.

Score : 4/10

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