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Warped Tour — Tinley Park, IL — July 7th, 2012

Well this was certainly a long day and hot day but a awesome one also.


Some help from Setlist.fm was used to make sure the order was correct.


Bands watched :


  • Bless The Fall
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Miss May I
  • The Used (Partial)
  • All Time Low (Partial)
  • Falling In Reverse (Partial)
  • Title Fight
  • Every Time I Die
  • For Today
  • The Ghost Inside
  • Hyro Da Hero (Partial)
  • Mod Sun (Partial)
  • After The Burial
  • Iwrestledabearonce



I ended up arriving about 30 minutes before gates opened and once inside went right ahead and bought a schedule for $2 since it is a lot easier to have than writing down the bands and times plus you can then watch random bands that you didn’t plan on seeing.


So after seeing that there wasn’t anyone right away that I wanted to see I decided to head on over and catch Bless The Fall on the main stage in the amphitheater. They were okay and had a great crowd response. A lot of hardcore dancing and some crowd surfing occured. Their heavier parts were good but I got kinda tired of the lead singers girly sounding clean vocals.

Bless The Fall Set :

What’s Left of Me
Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
I’m Bad News, In The Best Way
The Reign
Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted
Promised Ones


After them I caught about 15 minutes of Mod Sun and from what I saw I liked them. They are rap / reggae kinda. It consisted of a DJ and vocalist with the vocalist being the original lead singer of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. He did say it wasn’t rap though and the music was happy hippity hop. He also did say he was a hippie too. It did seem enjoyable though and I will have to check out more of them.


Mod Sun Set :



Next up was Chelsea Grin who I decided to give a chance even after hearing about their spotty performances lately. They were decent enough and had a great crowd response.  A fairly big pit was there most of the set with some crowd surfing later in the set. Alex’s vocals though have become pretty bad. At times they sounded like he was giving his all then later in the set he started just talking through some of the screams. His clean vocals also aren’t really that good. I was disappointed with the lack of older material and thought there was too much off the new EP. They did play The Foolish One and My Damnation though so I was happy. Ended up crowd surfing twice during My Damnation.

Chelsea Grin Set :

Everlasting Sleep
Sonnet of the Wretched
The Foolish One
My Damnation


After them it was time for After The Burial who were put on a much smaller stage. They went straight into it for a decent sized crowd. No filler just straight out metal and the crowd went inside. They had a huge circle pit around the sound tent and the pit was always going. It’s too bad more people didn’t come over and see them.


After The Burial Set :

Fingers Like Daggers
Encased in Ice
Cursing Akenaten


Next up I headed back to the main stage to catch Miss May I since I have skipped them last year for Devil Wears Prada. The crowd was huge for them and right away broke into a huge pit. They put on a decent show but during their third song I crowd surfed and apparently the venue was making it that day where once the band started they blocked off the 100 seats and the pit so there was no reentry so I ended up watching them from far away and kinda lost interest. They sounded good though.


Miss May I Set :

Relentless Chaos
Forgive and Forget
Day By Day
Our Kings
Hey Mister
Ballad of a Broken Man
Masses of a Dying Breed


After that I decided to take a quick breather then go watch some Falling In Reverse. I was expecting them to be overly horrible and they ended up being quite generic. For some reason the lead singer was wearing tight neon clothes and they backdrops were like neon lips. I mean they had the kinda girly sounding singing and the thing that bugged me was that whenever he would scream he would break into like the robot. I mean every time he screamed he acted like a robot. It annoyed me quite a bit. They did have a huge crowd watching though.


Falling In Reverse Set :

I’m Not A Vampire
Tragic Magic
Sink or Swim
Raised by Wolves
Goodbye Graceful
Good Girls Bad Guys
The Drug In Me Is You


After watching some of them I decided to go and watch Title Fight and man am I happy they did. I had never heard of them before and they reminded me of pop punk meets hardcore. The crowd was going nuts over them. Two stepping, hardcore dancing, crowd surfing, literally just jumping over each other. It was like being at a hardcore show. I ended up in the pit having fun not even knowing the shows. There were people jumping clear over me and I’m not a short person really. They were a nice surprise and I’ll be checking into them.


Title Fight Set :

Loud and Clear
You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You
No One Stays At The Top Forever
Memorial Field
Coxton Yard


Next up was one of the main reasons I went to Warped Tour. EVERY TIME I DIE! Being a almost diehard fan of them I was beyond pumped for them and man they didn’t let me down. They were amazing to say the least. They gave it their all and in return the crowd was insane. Non stop crowd surfing and the pits were insane. Keith came into the crowd a few times and said Chicago was by far the best crowd yet. The set consisted of hits but it still was amazing. Ended up crowd surfing 10 times during their set and one of the times during No Son Of Mine Keith was leaning off the stage and saw me screaming out of the words and stuck out his hand. Overall a killer set and a amazing time.


Every Time I Die Set :

Holy Book of Dilemma
Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
No Son of Mine
(I Suck) Blood


After them I was somewhat drained and ended up getting some water and going to check out The Used. I ended up arriving during their first song so the place was blocked up and I ended up watching them from a far. Now I didn’t care for The Used when I first heard them in the 6th grade and this did nothing to change that. It seemed like mostly girls enjoyed them.


The Used Set :

Take it Away
Put Me Out
The Taste of Ink
All That I’ve Got
Pretty Handsome Awkward
A Box Full of Sharp Objects


Next up was another main band I wanted to see named Iwrestedabearonce. Now any one that knows me knows that I have a undying love for this band. I’ve known them since before they got big and I’ll always support them and when I heard they had a another vocalist since Krysta dropped off the tour I was anxious to see how she would be. For some reason they put this band on one of the smallest stages so they were going crazy in a tiny space. This was only the third show and fourth day she was with this band and you could somewhat tell it but she still filled in great. Her growls were a little deeper and her highs weren’t as high but otherwise it was almost identical. The crowd went crazy and they played all their hits and ended with a wall of death happening during the breakdown of Tastes Like Kevin Bacon.


Iwrestledabearonce Set :
You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices
Danger in the Manger
Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains
Karate Nipples
You Ain’t No Family
Tastes Like Kevin Bacon


After them I decided to go check out All Time Low and again since they had already started I was far away.  They had a HUGE crowd for them and people were singing so loud it was louder than the band sometimes. That being said they sounded good and all but I was standing and so far back it lost some value to me.


All Time Low Set :

Damned If I Do Ya
Lost In Stereo
Time Bomb
Reckless and Brave
Jasey Rae
Dear Maria


After them I decided to wander around some and see all the tents. Ended up buying some merch from IWABO, ETID, The Ghost Inside, and the official Warped Tour Tent. Also ended up doing a meet and greet with IWABO where they signed my program and I got a picture with them. I also met all of Rise To Remains and had them sign my ticket then I stood there with the band and talked about the weather for a few minutes.


After that I decided to watch Hyro Da Hero on the rail since almost no one was there and they were about to start. BY FAR my best find of the day. These guys were crazy. The music I would say is rap with a backing band and a dj but the show for this band was crazy. The singer is jumped all around and throwing the mic around, the guitarists are jumping around and at time throwing this guitars and balancing them or spinning them around. They were a lot of fun to watch and everyone there was having a great time watching them. They are a must see and everyone should check them out.


Hyro Da Hero Set :

I know they played

Sleeping Giants

Beam Me Up Scotty

Ghetto Ambiance


After them it was time for For Today. Now I really liked their last album and think they are one of the biggest metalcore bands around. They didn’t fail to put on a killer show and the crowd loved it but I felt like they got over too quickly and their usual rant about god and how everything is bad went on for way to long. They could have easily played another song if they cut it down some.For them being all about god too it is funny how violent that crowd got. This was by far though the best I’ve seen them though.


For Today Set :

Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)
Under God
White Flag
The Breaker’s Origin


Next up was the last band of the night and the main band I wanted to see The Ghost Inside. I was extremely tired and thought about just watching but from the first note I was in the pit two stepping like my life depended on it. I would say they had the best and biggest pits of all day. The band was on fire and loving it. The lead singer came into the crowd a bunch and was handing the mic over to people. The pit was just full of people and never stopped along with the crowd surfers. All in all they ended the night with a bang and are just a incredible live band.


The Ghost Inside Set :

Slipping Away
Greater Distance
Between The Lines


Overall it was a killer day and I had the chance to see a lot of awesome bands and meet a few bands. Can’t wait for Warped Next Year..

Honda Civic Tour 2011 Tinley Park IL Aug. 20th, 2011

Honda Civic Tour Poster 2011
Honda Civic Tour Poster 2011
Honda Civic Tour — Tinley Park, IL — August 20th, 2011
Manchestor Orchestra:
April Fool
Now That You’re Home
My Friend Marcus
Shake It Out
I’ve Got Friends
Everything To Nothing
My Chemical Romance:
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
Planetary (GO!)
The Only Hope For Me Is You
Welcome To The Black Parade
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Blink 182:

Feeling This
Up All Night
The Rock Show
What’s My Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together for the Kids
After Midnight
First Date
Heart’s All Gone
Man Overboard
Jazz Intermission
(Mark and Travis improvised while Tom left stage to pee.)
Ghost on the Dancefloor
All the Small Things
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Drum Solo
Family Reunion

So we got to the venue at about 6:45 after being stuck in traffic getting there for 45 minutes. (anyone thats ever gone to a show there knows how bad traffic is).We had lawn seats and first band started at 7 so we found a nice spot on the lawn and waited. Manchestor Orchestra came on and it was insanely hard to see. It was still light out so the video screens were useless and the stage didn’t do lights for them so the entire time was spent just listening. They did sound good though but its hard to rate them when you can’t see them.After them we upgraded our seats to seats in the 200 section on the left corner of the stage. Perfect view too. So soon after that My Chemical Romance came on. Now I seen them in April at a sold out show of 5,000 at the Aragon Ballroom. They were good live then but you can tell he really isn’t a amazing vocalist. Now this show was a shorter setlist for them but they were alot better this time. More energy and he sounded alot better. Sure he had tons of pitch correctors on as my cousin was telling me but it was overall a much better show than last time when I saw them. I knew all their songs and sang alone to them. (their a band I’ve been listening to since the 5th grade. (I’m now 18)) lol. Though the lead singer kept calling out for a huge mosh pit during Destorya which isn’t moshable at all. I don’t think any of their songs have pits during them. You could tell the crowd did love them though.Now onto BLINK 182! (May Contain Show Spoliers!!!)Man were they better than I thought they would be. They sound great live and still play around alot. They speed alot of their songs up and it seemed for a few songs they would slow parts down just to throw everyone off. Also inbetween every song they still did the sex jokes and it was funny for the most part. There seemed to be alot of the crowd surfers in the pit though and the band kept thanking the crowd surfers and asking if they were fine. The stage setup was cool with a giant screen that constantly had different images on it. Also the crowd was insane for this band. Everyone even in the seats was jumping and screaming along. They said there was a little over 30,000 people there for it.

Onto the cool and weird stuff. After Man Overboard Tom was telling the crowd how he had way to much vodka to drink before the show and was about to piss himself and he ran offstage to piss which left Mark and Travis to do jazz. I believe he had some drinks before the show and from other setlists this hasn’t happened before but it was cool yet odd. It seemed like Travis was drumming faster which left Mark staring at him. Also during their last song someone made it onstage and was able to run across the entire stage before security tackled him. SPOILER!!! Travis’s drum solo was insanely cool. They had him like 30 feet above the crowd pointing down at 90 degrees playing some random stuff then one of the songs off his rap album (which sucked!). It was quite cool to see.

Overall it was a fun show and alot better than expected. If you have the chance to go see this you should. I think most people would enjoy it.