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Desierto Review


  • Oct. 14th, 2016
  • Thriller
  • 1 Hour 34 Minute Run Time


Desierto has a rather simple story, a group of immigrants wanting to leave Mexico and come to America to follow their dreams are hunted across the desert by a man and his dog who have taken the border control into his own hands. We never learn almost anything about this man hunting and killing them all and only mild backstories about a handful of the immigrants and that both helps and hurts the film. While knowing nothing about this man killing these innocent people helps him as a bigger villain we have nothing to connect a story too which hurts this film a lot. Desierto has the bare minimum of a story and hardly enough to sustain it as a full length film.

The film attempts to sometimes throw a political angle at the viewer but then fails to provide a true story to follow it. It can’t really rely on any character arcs to help either as both sides are plagued with some severe stereotypes.

Thankfully though the thriller aspect of the film carries on fairly well. The film at times can be quite violent and visceral. Having the open desert as the field of play helps the film tremendously as well. The dog especially helps the setting of the film as you watch our villain send the dog out on hunts for these people while they attempt to run and hide to save their lifes.

Overall it’s just unfortunate that the film suffers from having little story and fairly stereotyped characters. We can’t even relate to any of the immigrants especially when left with open ends for them either. Thankfully though the thriller aspect carries the film quite well and makes it worth a viewing.


Score : 7/10