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El Gigante Review

  • August 23rd, 2015
  • Horror
  • 14 Minutes

El Gigante was a short film shown before “Cannibal Holocaust” as part of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival and this without a doubt, by far, is my favorite horror short film I’ve ever had the honor to see.

For being a short film El Gigante manages to give you enough of a story to build up for the events that happen. We see a man, seemingly attempting to cross the border when he meets another man who tosses him what appears to be water only for the liquid to then knock him unconscious. He then awakens inside a wrestling ring with a mask sown onto his face and neck only to realize that he is about to have to fight for his life against a giant luchadore while his family of cannibal psychos watch.

From here on we witness one of El Gigante’s strongest suits which is the make up and effects. For a budget of around $8,000 this short film has better looking make up and blood then most big budget films. The blood looks the right tone of blood and thick enough while the makeup and masks done are just phenomenal. Even the smaller things like seeing the mask sown onto the guys neck is just amazing.

The cinematography though in this film truly puts it into big budget films. From being able to catch the perfect action moment with the right lighting to knowing the best angle or location to shoot shows that directors Co-Director Luke Bramley and Director Gigi Saul Guerrero have a long future ahead of them.

El Gigante is a film that everyone should watch, go into it with little knowledge and I promise it’ll have to talking about it with everyone that listens. El Gigante is the perfect short film, one I hope to see expanded one day, and one that everyone should watch. No questions asked.

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Press Pass Provided By Wizard World & Film Viewed As Part Of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival

The Root Of The Problem Review

  • Horror
  • April 3rd, 2013
  • 14 Minutes


The Root Of The Problem is a great small horror short film that does enough to make you enjoy it and end up wanting more.

We follow a women in a dentists office in the 1950’s. Weary of her visit she soon starts seeing odd things while in the office and suspecting that her ever so friendly dentist might have more sinister objectives then one would assume. Is there actually something evil happening though or she just having a bad trippy reaction from the anesthesia.

The film follows a nice pace with some suspense to keep you intrigued while at the end leaving you to question what actually happened. For being a small short film as well the little special effects and makeup they have looks great. Thankfully as well the three actors in the film do a good enough job as well to not drag it down.

Overall The Root Of The Problem is a great short horror film and running at 14 minutes well worth your time.

You can watch the film for free from their website :


The Root Of The Problem

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