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Morgan (2016) Review


  • September 2nd, 2016
  • Science Fiction / Action
  • 1 Hour 32 Minute Run Time


Morgan is a film that while having a somewhat basic plot in the large run seemingly fails to develop anything from it before pushing it to be a less than stellar action film.

The plot follows a group of scientists in a high end facility in the woods attempting to play god and create their own artificial human creature of sorts. After a violent incident however corporate sends Lee to investigate the attack and determine if Morgan, the young artificial experiment they have created should continue on or face termination.  From there we watch how this group of scientists consider Morgan not only as a normal human but as a closed loved member of the family while Lee tries to dig deeper into what they have going on.

Soon however Lee brings in a psychiatrist (played by Paul Giamatti) who after an interesting meeting with Morgan quickly devolves into chaos. Lee is then left to attempt to take care of things that she can only half understand.

Now from that scene with Giamatti onward is part of what truly kills the film. Morgan while starting to develop a plot almost entirely drops it halfway through. We are not fully explained almost anything and instead of building onto something that could be half decent instead are given a sub par action film. The film ramps the action up and gives us scenes outside including a chase scene that feel out of place and amateur at best. If they wanted to make an action film out of this than perhaps having someone with more experience in action may have helped. Instead we are given a half hybrid of sci fi and action neither of which succeed. As a viewer it was just hard to get any attachment to the story, characters, or even this Morgan creature with the little knowledge we are given.

Now none of this can be blamed on the action who for the most part do a solid job here. Paul Giamatti is great and completely underutilized in his small role here. As expected Kate Mara is able to hold the film even with a basic character that doesn’t have much emotion behind her.

Overall Morgan falls short in both its sci-fi and action spots to succeed. Even with a few good stars and solid performances the lack of a deep story that leaves viewers unattached doesn’t help garner what could of been. Thankfully however there are many films similar to Morgan that are much better.

Score : 3/10