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Deadpool Review


  • Feb. 4th, 2016
  • Action / Comedy
  • 1 Hour 48 Minutes Length


Deadpool as a film or a name needs no introduction anymore. With one of the best PR releases leading up to a film in possibly all time Deadpool came out swinging and to the delight of all didn’t miss a single hit.

The story of Deadpool isn’t a overly complex one. Wade Wilson is a hired gun who when coming down with multiple forms of cancer that will kill him he undergoes a rogue experiment that is said to cure him, instead they attempt to mutate him to become a personal super solider. Upon escaping with his new found powers only to find out that they have kidnapped his former girlfriend, Wade must go after the bad guys in a attempt to rescue his love. Now again, the story isn’t too original in that department but it never tries to be.

Now Marvel has pretty much perfected the PG13 action film category of films from the last few years. Deadpool takes it to a level they don’t delve into too often though, a very hard R rated film. Deadpool hits every bump on the R rating, graphic violence, nonstop vulgar language and jokes, sex, nudity, and it’s all done perfectly. Wade goes around jumping and spinning around like a killer ballerina disposing of guys like it’s a killer musical. The violence is so comical yet bloody and gory enough to make even the more diehard action fans crack a smile.

One has to thank Ryan Reynolds though for pulling easily the best role he has ever done as well as one of the best superhero roles of all time. With Reynolds years and attempts at making Deadpool the way the comics created him and helping write and fund the film himself he makes what will go down as one of the best characters and film roles of 2016. This is the role he was born to play. TJ Miller as Weasel, Wade Wilson’s best friend in the film too goes perfect as the best friend of the film and his on screen scenes with Deadpool create some hysterical moments.

A common complaint I’ve heard from people for this film though is that the flashbacks to Wade’s life leading up to becoming Deadpool are slower and kill the vibe the films builds sometimes. Now I can see where people would agree with that, however I feel like this builds its up and gives the knowledge since Deadpool 2 was announced before this one was even released. Plus what action the flashbacks don’t have are more then made up for with some great one liners and jokes.

Overall Deadpool is a vulgar, foul mouthed, violent, gory film and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Marvel proved that a hard R rated film will not only score great reviews but be beloved by fans and critics alike as well as break numerous records upon release. Deadpool is a must see.


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RIPD (2013) Movie Review

RIPD (2013) Movie Review
RIPD (2013) Movie Review

RIPD (2013) Movie Review

Released : July 19th, 2013

Reviewed : July 24th, 2013

Genre : Action / Sci-Fi

Story (from IMDB) : A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.


Review :


RIPD is a film with so much potential which will sadly go down as the biggest flop for a comic book movie all year as well as a flop overall.

The story revolves around Nick who after getting killed during a police raid is recruited by the RIPD (Rest In Peace Department) to help them rid the earth of the deados that roam in with the living. Once Nick joins the force he meets his rough veteran partner Roy and are soon in the middle of a case trying to figure out why Nick was killed while also helping stop the destruction of the world. It never gets too deep or complicated storywise and pretty much makes it where you can expect what is going to happen next. Thankfully the pace moves at a steady pace and is never too slow.

Unfortunately what almost kills the movie is the writing. There is so much banter, one liners, and jokes that are attempted but rarely go through. Occasionally there will be a joke that is funny but for the most part what you end getting is jokes that ultimately don’t deliver.

Action wise the film does a entertaining job with some decent special effects. The deados look okay but most of them don’t look like anything you haven’t seen before. You have one that is fat, ones with cracks, ones with tentacles, etc. They explode into colored air and that’s it for them. As with any action movie you have the car chases and foot chases thrown in for good mix. The car chase isn’t the best seen but in a generic movie like this it is at least watchable.

With the bad writing though the big loss is the cast. Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges have good on screen chemistry and given a decent script could have been better. Reynolds is playing the same role as the straight talking guy while Jeff Bridges playing the crazy veteran cop with a life back in the old time west. Mary-Louise Parker plays the recruiter / boss to Nick and Roy. While her character has a dry sense of humor that often works I feel like her character never did much and was sometimes used too much or not enough. They also tried tacking on more story to her that ultimately did little to nothing for the story overall. Kevin Bacon though as always is great. He can play a dirty cop to a perfection, again though if given better writing it would of been much better for him.

Overall we end up with a story that does enough to push forward, generic action, a good cast, but horrible writing. Maybe down they line they will reboot this series and try again because what we end up with a below average comic book / action / sci-fi film. It you truly want to see it wait till it comes out on DVD.


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