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Pixel Heroes : Byte & Magic Review

  • Feb. 3rd, 2017
  • Xbox One / iOS / PC
  • Headup Games


Pixel Heroes : Byte & Magic attempts to bring back the old time randomly generated turn based RPG of yesterday but fails to succeed in almost every sense.

You control a party of characters sent on quests. It’s a simple premise, move forward, level up, kill, loot, rinse and repeat. The game goes back to the 8 bit day with looks and sounds but takes it one step too far on the Xbox One and puts the game in 4:3 aspect. That means that you will see blank space on the left and right side of the screen.

For being a dungeon crawler though the game is extremely linear. You always move forward in your quest and most quests end up playing out almost the same. Dungeons play out as numbered rooms where you face groups of 3 enemies or sometimes a trapped chest. One big flaw though is that there is no option to back out of a fight. You always move to the right so even with a clear path behind you, you can’t go back. So if you get thrown into a battle against enemies much stronger than you then your only option is to fight till the end.

The combat is pretty much a rock, paper, scissors type system. Each person has different attributes to them so they take more / less damage from different attacks or magic / spells. The problem is that since the game becomes so overly repetitive so quickly the combat quickly just becomes a tiresome affair.

You should expect quite a steep difficulty to the game and expect to die many times. The game employs permadeath as well so don’t become too attached to any characters you may have. Sadly when playing it just never feels like your making progress. The few times you’ll start to feel powerful that you are doing well you’ll just face a boss that wipes you out like nothing, then its back to square one.

Pixel Heroes biggest fault is the UI for the inventory system. It doesn’t work at all on consoles. The simplest things like trashing items and going between characters inventory systems is just overly complicated.

Sadly Pixel Heroes falls short on all its attempt to deliver a solid blast from the past. If you truly need your fix for a game like this then there are many on PC that while maybe costing more do it a lot better.

Score : 3/10

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SteamWorld Heist Review


  • June 7th, 2016
  • PC / 3DS / PS4 / Xbox One (to be released) / Wii U / iOS / Vita
  • Image & Form (Developer and Publisher)

SteamWorld Heist is a game that does extremely well with what it has to work with.

Set in a world where you play as Captain Piper Faraday, the leader of a group of space pirates. A new threat appears named the Scrappers and threatens to end Faraday’s way of living so she takes matters into her own hands. From there it boils into blasting from mission to mission, killing all in sight, looting them ( as a good pirate would do), then going back to the Space Bar to buy new loot and maybe recruit some new friends to bring along for the fight.

The game plays a turn based 2D RPG like game. Big twist however is that you are looking at everything from a side view. Each character can only move a certain amount each turn and the game relies heavily on planning the right moves for you. You can surround your enemies or spread apart, hide behind cover, and make formations but at the same time the enemy can do the same thing. Aiming and firing your weapon takes a special turn for this game as well with the aiming function being more unique. Bullets will often bounce off wells giving you extra strategy to think of when firing bullets. Enemies as well come in different variations keeping you on your toes and having to change up game plans.

After killing all enemies you can search the level for extra loot. The loot is later used to help buy items from the shop. Your characters as well gain XP which is used to help unlock newer skills. Each level is also given a rating of up to 3 stars, those stars which are used to buy rare items, new teammates, and unlock future levels. The inventory is the only part that might have needed some extra time as navigating and using it all can be a bit of a hassle.

Each stage as well doesn’t take a great amount of time to beat and with hidden hats to collect and attempting to 3 star every level the game does offer some replayability. There is even a New Game + option for those wanting a go around again.

Visually the game looks great. While not being insanely detailed or anything of the sort characters all stand out from their environments and have detail to them. Characters distinct looks and dialog help set them apart from one another.

Overall SteamWorld Heist is a fun turn based side scroller of sorts. Fans of games such as XCOM will find themselves at home with this while even the casual fans will have no problem jumping right into this one.

Score : 8/10

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