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Far Cry Primal Review


  • Feb. 23rd, 2016
  • Xbox One
  • Ubisoft


Far Cry Primal might be one of the biggest steps Far Cry has taken in the series in the way of how stripped down it feels and while it certainly has its pro’s, does it hold up to the previous games in the series?

You’ll notice from the start, this isn’t the modern Far Cry we are used to. The game itself is set in 10,000 B.C. so don’t be expecting guns, many weapons, vehicles, or even dialog that isn’t subtitled. From the start of the game when you are given a club, a spear, and a bow to fight with until the end of the game where its the same weapons only a little bigger and better, don’t be expecting many huge workarounds in the game. They kept Primal at it’s, shall I saw, Primal level.

Where in past games hunting and collecting resources was relegated to side quests or being optional, here is it is necessary. You’ll use those resources for everything from upgrading camps, upgrading weapons to even healing yourself or your pet. It will quickly become the task of running from Point A to B and along the way collecting everything you run past.

Just like previous games you can unlock camps for fast travel and will have random missions where you can help make your tribe bigger and better thus unlocking more. This does actually affect game play as well. As I found myself adding more people to my tribe I would see them out in the world more hunting and fighting. I felt the larger the tribe became the more presence I saw and felt from them in the world.

Just as much as humans want you dead, the animals in Primal are just as deadly if not worse. I will say the large animals including Mammoths or large beasts require a large amount of planning and strategy and you can never just run into a fight with them without taking your large dose of damage. It is easy to quickly become outnumbered with them and quickly turns into a race to get away or to a spot they can’t get you. The downfall with animals though is that every animal is overly viscous, even something like a pack of Badgers can quickly put up a fight.

The big addition though is that with progression and upgrades you can tame the beasts of the world as your companion. They actually can play a huge role in it as well with great animal AI. Fights can be won solely by using your beast to sneak up and attack enemies you mark. The larger beasts as well can be rode into battle creating instant chaos.

It isn’t all good though. With the lack of many weapons combat quickly can turn stale especially if it is close range as you’ll just be stalling for a heavy blow over and over taking out enemies. Multiple take downs as well can be interrupted by your pet causing a loss of extra XP. Animals for all their times where the AI works can sometimes either be erratic beyond belief or have insane lines of sight and start to charge from too far away. I did find some times where I was clipping into the works or flat out falling in / between them having to fast travel to escape.

From the start though the game just flat out throws you into the world which is good and bad. Before really even doing anything in the game I had found myself wondering for a few hours, so when it was finally time to start a few main missions where the skill trees had unlocked I had found myself with 20+ skill points instantly making my guy leveled up more than he should be.

The game does look beautiful at times either when during key moments or when given a huge sprawling look at the world. There are just as many times however that the game can look bland, repetitive, and uninspired. I do feel at times, just like many others have said, that the game map is shockingly similar in feel to previous Far Cry games.

As a whole though Primal is a much more bare boned approach to the Far Cry series, I quickly found myself growing tired of the same hunting or gathering quests as well as just the general layout of the game. Taking the game back to basics also means lowering the amount of options a player has game play wise as I quickly found myself just picking enemies off from a while with a bow instead of doing rather tiresome hand to hand combat unless it was a required. If your a fan of the series you’ll enjoy this and honestly most will, just don’t expect as much fun or longevity as the Far Cry 3 or 4 may have offered.

Score : 6/10

Riptide GP : Renegade Review


  • Feb. 24th, 2017
  • Vector Unit
  • Xbox One / PS4 / PC / iOS


Riptide GP Renegade is a straight up racer with influences from games of yesteryear, but it actually ends up being a very solid and fun aquatic racer.

Unlike a normal racer, aquatic racers can be a tricky bag to accomplish. Having to navigate across water not only feels different than a normal street or road but also brings in extra obstacles. Having to ride fast cutting through the water and also timing how to hit waves is a situation here that actually feels smooth which was a refreshing feel .

The game has 9 different tracks that all offer something different to see. While some levels feature some big set pieces to see, the game recycles them all so often. Within a small amount of the time in the game you can feel the repetitive nature of having to run the same maps over and over.

They do attempt to mix it up with having more than just standard races. You’ll also have to complete in elimination races, obstacles races where you’ll dip between markers, and trick competitions. For the most part the AI isn’t that bad with not having the rubber band effect many racers have where if you are super ahead the AI will catch up. However though some races have police AI come in as well at certain points which can completely ruin a race. The police is there for no reason at all and can rubber band to you easily. No matter how fast you are going the police are seemingly able to race to you and attempt to run you off the course into a crash which can ruin an otherwise good race.

Going through the main story mode which requires you to beat events with “x” amount of stars to continue, the game also boasts a simple progression and upgrade system. You can earn XP and customize your stuff and are also awarded money to upgrade your jet ski. However though, by the time you’ll fully upgrade your ride a new one will become unlocked. More often than not though; the new ride is just slightly better than your previous fully upgraded one. This sometimes bring your sense of upgrading down knowing that its almost just a filler before your next unlock.

In short, Riptide GP Renegade brings a fun arcade title to the Xbox One. It successfully makes a solid aquatic racer that you can spend a few hours on. If you can get past the repetitive maps and the awful police AI you’ll find an old school racer brought into the modern times.

Score: 7/10

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