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Evil Defenders Review


  • Nov. 11th, 2015
  • PC
  • CP Decision

As a fan of tower defense games I’m always on the look out for new ones so when I saw Evil Defenders for cheap in a Steam sale it was a must buy. Sadly though it isn’t really good.

Feeling much like the similar game “Kingdom Rush”, Evil Defenders gives you the standards of a tower defense game. Starting with a map that you can progress on with each level giving multiple difficulties, and being able to place your defenses in per-determined locations. What Evil Defenders really pushes though is that with what little towers you can place they all must work together, work for the map, and work for the enemies approaching. This quickly causes problems.

The game from the start is too difficult. Towers quickly feel weak and the amount you gain from killing enemies is slow to progress. This quickly leads to situations where your towers are all placed out and you quickly find yourself losing with your towers little damage. The amount of enemies coming forth doesn’t match the pace that you can upgrade your towers at.

By completing levels as well you can also upgrade a skill tree that suffers from the same problems as upgrading in the level. You can upgrade a lot in after each level, though you never really notice much difference. The game wants you to replay each level so much on every difficulty to progress instead of doing it naturally as well.

Visually the game looks like a bad port from phones. The worst part however is the lag. Navigating menus I had no problem with the mouse but upon entering game play the mouse would lag so much it made it hard to play.

In a world with tower defense games left and right there just isn’t time to even waste with one like Evil Defenders. Unless you get it for cheap and must play every last one, this is a hard pass.


Score : 2/10