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Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Review


  • Action
  • July 31st, 2015
  • 131 Minutes


Mission Impossible has been raising the bar for years on high octone action espionage films and with Tom Cruises latest venture with Mission Impossible Rogue Nation he has raised the bar yet again.

Rogue Nation pretty much follows as early on in the film Ethan Hunt (played by Cruise) who is captures by a group named the Syndicate who is a group of foreign rogue agents with alliances to no one. From there on Hunt gathers his team with the mission being to take down the syndicate until the CIA comes in and shuts down the IMF of which Hunt is a part of, rendering him a rogue agent wanted by not only the Syndicate but the CIA.

The story does it part to follow through with mainly taking a point to make sure action scene to action scene can flow freely and smooth. It never goes to deep into explanations or unneeded sub stories and often is moving at a fast enough pace to suspend disbelief on any plot holes that might arise.

What is the real meat of the film though are the action scenes which are even greater knowing the fact that Tom Cruise did every stunt by himself, often doing multiple takes until he thought they were perfect and to his liking. From hanging from aircraft’s, jumping and running off large objects or just doing feats that are great for his size and age are magnificent to watch. Though one might say it’s almost like watching Tom Cruise try to kill himself on film with what he does. Rogue Nation does make very memorable set pieces though including the opening action sequence and the motorbike chase, raising the scale for future action films this year to try and surpass.

On top of great action this film also showcases what any good spy film should have, great gadgets. From unlocking cars by using your hand print on the window, various tools that unlock doors, contacts that showcase info or books that actually turn into laptops Rogue Nation gives you many things in which you’ll soon wish was real and that you could have.

Tom Cruise does really showcase himself in this film as a just a complete balls to the wall action star, completely going the opposite of the quiet in the shadows spy rendering himself as the over the top agent. Simon Pegg as Benji, Hunt’s sidekick and often comedic relief does a great job and has a handful of effective one liners. Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust the rogue agent who teams with Hunt to help fight the syndicate does well working as both the female sex icon well also showing that she can be a badass female star in a mostly male driven film. Sean Harris plays our villain and while not being a huge man does a good job being the bad guy running everything from behind the scenes and I felt as if they handled him quite well as being a mastermind and not a muscle. Other cast members including Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Renner, and Ving Rhames are provide great side roles.

Overall in terms of summer high end blockbuster action films you might not find one bigger or better then Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. It’s recommended in one of the highest ways.


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