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WWE Beast In The East Review

  • WWE Network
  • July 4th, 2015
  • Wrestling

WWE “Beast In The East” was a live event broadcast only on the WWE Network from iconic yogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan. It wasn’t a PPV more of a special live house show. It was nice to se WWE trying to do something new and hopefully we see more things like this in future.

First match to kick off the show was Chris Jericho vs Neville. Jericho coming back for a random match between everything else he is doing to take on “the man that gravity forgot”. It was a good match and the commentators did make mention to Jerichos early career. Something you wouldn’t hear on a normal WWE broadcast. The match moved along at a steady pace as both men play baby faces there wasn’t much outside of the actual wrestler. Jericho showcased the veteran side with a counter to most things while Neville showed he’d give all his had. Overall a good match but nothing too special honestly, could of been on any normal Raw or Smackdown.

Next up was a match for WWE Divas Championship featuring Nikki Bella  vs. Paige vs. Tamina. Tamina is the odd diva using mostly brute force during the beginning of the match causing the other two to team up against her. Paige shows some actual wrestling skill throughout while Nikki Bella still disappoints and makes me question the fact that shes had the Divas title for almost 300 days at this point. The match ended quickly and wasn’t as botch heavy as one would expect. Still nothing good though.

The man the show was named after came next with Brock Lesner vs Kofi Kingston. To call this a squash match is a understatement. This really just show cased the power of Lesner. Kofi did try landing blows and high flying moves while Lesner would just catch him mid air. Seeing Lesner just grab Kofi off the mat and flip him in his arms before suplexing him shows how strong Lesner is. At the end seeing Big E and Xaiver Woods run in the rescue only to be taken out was good too. Lesner just proves he is one bad guy.

What was hyped though as the match of the night was Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor for the NXT Championship. I can happily say that not only this is the best match of the show but easily the best match I’ve seen WWE put out in years. The action goes nonstop and both competitors play their character great. KO is one heel you still like who at the beginning of the match has to make sure the crowd hates him by disrespecting the traditions they do before a match in Tokyo. KO shows that for being a larger guy he can still pull off some high risk moves and is agile while Balor shows that he has the charisma and energy to continue going on. The fight spans into some great spots outside the ring before finally ending with one of the best moments you will see in wrestling this year. This is one of the few A+ matches you will see WWE do, this a match for the history books.

The “Main Event” (yeah they really had a match follow KO vs Balor) was next. Now first off this match made no sense. We had John Cena & Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett and Kane in a tag team match. What kills me though is that this truly was just a random match, none of these guys are even on the same level in normal programming and they are all feuding with other people in different storylines. Usually at house shows or such they will have matches with guys that at least on the same level (world champ, IC level, jobber, etc) but this one is just thrown in there. This is by far the worst match of the night and brings the show down. Before this WWE shows they can have a good match followed by a divas match where they put the effort in but this is your generic Monday Night Raw main event featuring guys doing the same thing they did the previous night. As expected America’s hero Cena makes it to where he cleans house for the end of a long (yes this match goes for almost 25 minutes) and lackluster match.

Overall the majority of the enjoyment had with this show comes from the NXT match and the domination Lesner shows. The Divas and Y2J vs Neville match do enough to be enjoyable if nothing new while the sad main event brings the buzz down that the previous match had gained and ends the show on a low note.

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