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Office Christmas Party Review

  • December 9th, 2016
  • Comedy
  • 1 Hour 45 Minute Run Time


Office Christmas Party for all purposes should be a huge comedy holiday hit yet sadly falls shorts enough in a few major aspects to be a letdown for all.

The film follows Clay (TJ Miller) as a goof running the Chicago branch of a big name tech company that his late father owned. His sister Carol (Jennifer Aniston) however is the CEO and a big bad business woman who comes in wanting to shut down the branch right before Christmas unless her brother can somehow come up with a plan to bring profits up and save money. The big plan though, to throw a giant Christmas Party to bring team morale up and help impress a potential business party. Meanwhile Josh (Jason Bateman) and Tracey (Oliva Munn) are trying to devise a way to revolutionize the internet that could potentially save the day.

Now that plot is one of the first major things wrong. It often times takes itself more serious than it should. For a trailer that showed just a wild comedic party we instead are treated to too many scenes that are too serious or attempt to pull emotional strings to instead of being comedic. The other plot problem was that the more insane the party became the less funny it became as well. Usually comedy films like this can up the craziness therefore increasing the comedy while instead here the comedy would fall flat quite often. There aren’t as many burst out laughing moments here as one would expect.

This all comes as such a shame since the film boasts a handful of good actors. Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston give their usual performances here with Aniston finally coming to towards the end. TJ Miller sadly seems to fail to deliver on what would otherwise be a great role for him while Olivia Munn nearly does the same just giving a profane laced performance short on laughs from her. Rob Corddry is in this as well and sadly way too underused since most times he is a complete joy to have on screen. The two best though comes in the form of Kate McKinnon as the weird HR lady and Jillian Bell as Trina the pimp with two different personalities almost.

At the end of the day Office Christmas Party has some witty dialog but just falls short of being the big comedy it was presented to be. With a great cast almost all falling short and a big party that often times isn’t even funny Office Christmas Party will leave you thinking of what could of been.


Score : 4/10

Identity Thief (2013) Movie Review

Identity Theft (2013) Movie Review
Identity Theft (2013) Movie Review

Identity Thief (2013) Movie Review

Released : Feb. 8th. 2013

Reviewed : March 2nd, 2013

Genre : Comedy

Story (form IMDB) :

Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy’s identity.

Review :

On the list of most disappointing comedies of the year this will be on there for sure. It has all the makings to be a decent comedy but falls short on a few different levels.

Plot based the movie somewhat holds up. The potential for a different story is there but sadly after a while it starts to fall through. From the strong start if they would have stuck to the main plot part about the actual “Identity Theft” instead of arching into side stories it might have gone better. Instead what you get in return is a off the rails “Hangover” type humor where by the end some of the scenes are so over the top that it loses what had originally made it humorous. Towards the end of the movie as well they have a lot of recurring jokes that have been beaten to death with the main one being “your name is a woman’s” since the main character (played by Jason Bateman) is named Sandy. The joke wasn’t that funny the first time and as time goes on it grows to the point of becoming annoying.

The worst part though of the story based portion of the film is how they made the two main leads turn into best friends. After just a few scenes of hardship between victim and criminal they soon become best friends on a trip together going from crazy moment to crazy moment. They go from making Melissa McCarthy’s character go from a criminal that is draining this man’s savings and ruining his life into a troubled person who turns to become a loveable person. Sadly Melissa McCarthy while still one of the better things about this movie just falls short based on her character and what she was given. There isn’t even any real explanation of why her character is stealing people’s identities other than the fact that she can get away with it and stuff her house with large amounts of items.

Jason Bateman sadly falls short of what would be a usually great comedy role for him again based on poor writing. He’s just the guy who has his life ruined, travels to find the person who did it, and almost becomes her best friend on this road trip. Still Bateman though shines more in this film that McCarthy does. The side cast with names like T.I., Jon Favreau, and John Cho bring very little and only a few laughs into the film.

In a time where mindless comedies are released by the dozen this film comes in and just as easily leaves without a huge mention. Even with some good names in the film it falls short with a bad story, predictable moments, and mediocre writing. If you feel like you must see it just wait for it on DVD.

Score :