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Joy Ride 3 (2014) Review


  • Horror
  • June 17th, 2014
  • 95 Minutes


Contains Spoilers!


Joy Ride 3 follows that trend of horror films that don’t need a sequel yet continue to get one sent straight to DVD.

We follow a group of street racers who stop in a small town trying to get the quickest route to where they need to go. Of course they run into the town crazy who yells about not taking a certain road because the people never return before the kids are reassured by the town sheriff that it’s fine. Since the cliches already started the film just keeps it going. As expected the kids take the deserted stretch of highway before running into the maniac trucker and embarking on a race for their life.

The story remains about as bland as one would expect with them knocking every cliche out and doing nothing new. We are stuck with a cast of characters who either blend together or stick out just enough for us not to like them. Even going as far as to say you can’t even root for the villain in this case just because what little we do get from him is almost nothing to base enjoying him from. We see “Rusty Nail” (the villainous truckers name) too much for him to be considered some dreaded shadow like killer.

Thankfully the film does have some good kills every now and then with some decent gore to follow. Still could of used more or if given a better budget would of had more memorable ones but the kills help save the movie sometimes. Sadly the last 15-20 minutes of the movie nearly ruined it for me. To watch a hand to hand fight scene start to happen followed by the cliche over the top kill that somehow Rusty has managed to escape from with no traces found just killed it. It was mainly the fight scene which was just so far out of left field and stupid.

Overall there are better films to watch like this and far worse you could do. Hopefully when the inevitable Joy Ride 4 gets made they work out some of the kinks this film had.


Score :


Devil’s Due (2014) Review

Devil’s Due

Release Date : Jan. 17th, 2014


Release Length : 89 Minutes


Found footage horror films are too trendy now and with a very small amount of them being good Devil’s Due continues the trend of horrible main stream horror films.

The film follows a newly wed couple when on their honeymoon get lost only to picked up by a mysterious cab driver. When the cab driver decides to invite them on a passage way through dark alleys to a party in a underground cave they deem it a good idea. That is until the wife is taken and performed upon with a voodoo like spell. Once back home they discover she is pregnant and from there things go south fast.

It might be one of the most ridiculous and random stories in recent horror. There are just so many moments where you not only wonder why someone would do something but then take it a step further to where you know that NO ONE would do anything like this. If you get lost in a town in a random country where no one speaks your language really you don’t go wondering around dark neighborhoods with a cab driver. During the ultrasounds when the doctor disappears and the machines don’t work you continue to go. The film pretty much falls into a mix of scenes that don’t make sense and are just stupid.

Speaking of not making sense like most found footage paranormal type films Devil’s Due tries to add a group or cult that want to the devil baby. In no way, shape, or form though does this film let you know who everyone in the cult is though or really why they want the baby. No explanation is given except that the people are everywhere and continuously doing this to others. It’s useless as well to talk about the acting, simply it’s atrocious.

For a film going for almost 90 minutes a day there really isn’t a single interesting moment. You get to watch a good chunk of the film from the viewpoint of the husband recording many mundane moments for no apparent reason. Even the ending which is always the best most action filled part of these films is slow and leaves nothing exciting. It does continue the current trend for found footage films of leaving questions that will never get answered. Though in this film I can’t say that I even cared with to begin. I can’t recommend this to anyone at all.


Score :