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Disturbia Screams In The Park At Rosemont 2016 Review



Disturbia : Screams In The Park is a haunted house that I attend every year. Conveniently located in the lower level of the parking garage in Rosemont, just Northwest of Chicago, and within walking distance of other attractions such as Zanies Comedy Club, Muvico Movie Theaters, and many restaurants it puts itself in the right place for a evening out.

Upon walking up to the entrance located outside next to King’s Bowling Alley you are greeting with the giant entrance to Disturbia where you are then directed to take the elevator to the lower level of the parking garage. Once downstairs you enter a dimly lit room with a few animatronic things before going into a line where they have different horror films playing on a few screens to keep you entertained while waiting. Once you enter the haunt you are sat down in a room similar to a church and told the lure and rules before being rushed into the house in a unexpected manner.

Disturbia features a wide range of rooms including the “Sewer Of The Underworld”, the “House Of Victoria”; an old haunted house, the “Dark Swamp” and others. One thing I do like about this haunt is that even knowing that it is in a flat level the haunt makes it feel as if you are going to different levels as well as different elevations. You are thrown into various large set pieces each different than the one before it. Some do require you to crouch, bend, push through, and would cause a problem if you were claustrophobic.

My one complaint however is that I often found myself going through dark corridors with no actors almost making it seem like a transition from set piece to set piece. I just think that it happened too often and they could have done more then just had dark hallways to walk through. Some areas as well also could have had more actors in them as well. These however are minor setbacks.

Overall Disturbia as it does every year has managed to top itself from the previous year. Containing some very creative sets and scares it is very clear that the owners or Disturbia truly know what they are doing. I highly recommend this haunt.


Score : 8/10

Passes Provided By Disturbia & Carol Fox And Associates

For more information about Disturbia please visit : http://www.disturbiascreams.com/


Ticket prices are : $25 per person Sundays through Thursdays and $30 per person on Fridays and Saturdays. Fast passes to skip the line are $40.

Hours are 7-11pm Sunday – Thursdays and 7pm-midnight on Friday and Saturdays.



The Houses October Built (2014) Review


  • Horror
  • October 10th, 2014
  • 91 Minutes


After hearing the premise for The Houses October Built I was extremely intrigued. We follow a group of friends who are going to try to find the scariest haunted houses around while also asking around to see about haunted houses that will potentially danger someone to scare them. Soon though on their trip they start to realize that what they are looking into might be something a lot more serious and darker then they expected.

Story wise it’s a great premise. The times they show the haunted houses and scenes that feature that part of the story are great. Hopefully one day they can make another film that does that aspect the way it deserves. It’s just unfortunate that the scenes that are between those are horrible. We get plagued with a cast of very unlikeable characters who have some very simplistic conversations. Weak characters makes it where towards the end when they attempt to tie everything together (though the ending itself is somewhat disappointing) you find yourself not caring what happens to the people we followed throughout the film.

The found footage angle they take for this as well doesn’t do it any honor. If done as a normal film instead I think it would be benefited greatly. For the scenes not involving a haunted house you get stuck with annoying camera angles and gimmicks that bring the film down.

Overall The Houses October Built is a split film. It’s a great premise and has its moments where it’s a good film but with poor gimmicks, bad character and sometime plot development, and what feels like a cheap ending it just ends up being a shell of what it should be.


Score :