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GCW Tournament Of Survival 2 Review


  • June 3rd, 2017
  • Game Changer World
  • Howell, New Jersey


GCW held their second annual “Tournament Of Survival” deathmatch tournament for GCW and with a mixed bill of some larger deathmatch wrestlers and new up and comers fans were given what turned out to be a great bloody card.

Tournament Of Survival 2 First Round Destruction Derby Death Match
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Nick Gage
This was a solid match to start the card off with. Jimmy Llyod has almost no offense at all and Nick Gage was riding the wave of love with his return match. Lloyd took a great deal of hard hits and bumps and ended the match a bloody mess.
Tournament Of Survival 2 First Round Fuckery Boards Match
Markus Crane vs. Masashi Takeda
Second match in and what a blood bath. Markus Crane proves why he is one of the best new comers to death match wrestling. Takeda as well work great together here each giving their all in this match. Crane even after his loss deserves just as much credit as Takeda.
Tournament Of Survival 2 First Round Weedwhacker Death Match
Matt Tremont vs. Zandig
Another solid match with both Tremont and Zandig giving their all. Tremont continues to show how he is a deathmatch legend and only getting better. The weedwacker spot was the highlight of the match as expected.
Tournament Of Survival 2 First Round Panes Of Glass Match
Danny Havoc vs. Masada
Masada continues to show how much a monster he can be just like he does in CZW. It’s a good deathmatch.
Tournament Of Survival 2 Semi Final Light Tube Death Match
Masashi Takeda vs. Nick Gage
Tournament Of Survival 2 Semi Final Light Tube Bundles Barbedwire Boards Death Match
Masada vs. Matt Tremont
I’m going to bundle these two matches together. Now don’t take this as a bad thing, both matches were very enjoyable. All competitors put in a hell of a lot of effort. Just after watching these neither match are classics for any sake. Still worth the watch by far though.
Singles Match
Joey Janela vs. Joker
I don’t completely get why they had a non deathmatch match thrown into here other than to maybe give the guys a break. It was a decent match. I know Joey Janela has been making the rounds lately and I don’t completely get the hype behind him right now. He is good in ring but nothing outstanding from what I’ve seen. It was a decent match though however a little long.
Tournament Of Survival 2 Final No Ropes Barbed Wire Lighttube Bundles Death Match
Matt Tremont vs. Nick Gage
Dear god what a match. This should go down as a modern deathmatch classic. These two put their all into this match. Tremont shows how he has rose to the top lately and Gage shows how he has been at the top. Both men took big bumps in this match and left a bloody mess. Tremont takes a ridiculous amount of lighttube hits in this. This is one match all should watch.
Overall this was a very solid card. Minus one nondeathmatch bout all matches at least have solid spots where all contestants put in the work. This is one card all should check out.
Score : 8.5/10