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Found Footage 3D Review


  • August 20th, 2016
  • Horror
  • 1 Hour 48 Minute Run Time


The big world premiere for Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest was Found Footage 3D, a film years in the making that had gained quite a bit of traction online. Does this film live up to the hype it has created or fall into the same tropes most films of this genre have?

Found Footage 3D follows a small group of people wanting to make the first ever 3D found footage film, to make their place in the genre. When arriving at their film site which is a old cabin with a shady past they soon start to realize that there is something actually happening in that cabin to them turning their movie shoot into a actual horror found footage film.

It’s a simple enough premise and not something I’d call truly groundbreaking but what this film tries to do is almost spoof the found footage genre. They constantly call out the tropes of the genre in a joking or mocking fashion. The problem is that then the film falls right back into said tropes they previously had went after. You can’t mock something so much then make the same mistake the films you are going at do. It’s the case of being too meta for it’s own good. It doesn’t help either that so much of the film is just set ups, character developments, and a good amount of dialog that by the end when the events finally unfold that everything just goes to waste and feels rushed. Now I am not saying character development is a bad thing as this is a very character driven film. It is bad however when most of the characters you are trying to progress towards the film hit the end point where everything decides to go full speed (like most found footage films do) makes it feel a little less worthwhile.

Another big problem is like most 3D films I feel like this was just added so they could claim it as 3D. Only at the beginning when the characters were first toying with their new 3D cameras did any of it actually have a 3D feel to it. Otherwise it just gave the normal 3D effect of giving the film a more circular view instead of looking at it on a flat surface. The film will be able to claim itself as the first 3D film but I feel like it wasn’t truly worth it. I will say as well that this is the only 3D movie ever to make me feel a little nauseous in a few scenes. The shakey cam along with 3D effects can be hard to take in as well as the few scenes involving two go pros.

I will give it to the film however for having a few good gore scenes along with some very funny dialog. The characters banter between each other can be quite entertaining and is by far the biggest highlight of the film. It is humorous to hear them go on about the horrible things other films do and how to make their own better even if you only end up disappointed in the actions they take. I’ll also give them credit for making me truly hate a character that being Derek (played by Carter Roy). (Also bonus points for Scott Weinberg).

Unrelated to the review before the film director Steven DeGennaro did come and speak to a nearly sold out theater for the world premiere of his first full length film. After the movie a full Q&A was held by the director and full cast for the audience to ask about the making of the film.

Overall I really went into this film with high hopes and instead left feeling like this was no better than all the other found footage films being released today. It just boiled down to unnecessary 3D, slow pacing, and being too meta for it’s own good. Not something I could truly recommend.


Score : 3/10


Film reviewed as part of Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest with passes provided by Wizard World and Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Fest.