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PWG Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock N’ Roll) 3-18-2017 Review


  • March 18th, 2017
  • Pro Wrestling Guerilla
  • Rosada, CA


Brian Cage vs. Keith Lee vs. Sami Callihan. What a way to start the show. Callihan comes in and says PWG officials said he could do what he wanted and he made this a 3 way dance with himself included. Callihan really stood his ground against Cage and Lee who are both vastly larger than he is. What is more impressive is as usual Lee and Cage both show that they are much more agile and can do high flying moves that typical big men can’t do. This was a great kick off match and all 3 men came out looking strong.
OI4K (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) vs. The Chosen Bros (Jeff Cobb & Matthew Riddle).
This was a tag match that on paper may not look great but actually managed to come out well. With Chosen Bros being more on the mat submission wrestling or grapples and OI4K being the more faster paced high flying type these two for sure have different backgrounds. Shockingly though both sides showed that they could fair well with the others types. Riddle continues to show as well that has all the potential in the world to become one of the indie scenes biggest guys.
Lio Rush vs. Trevor Lee.
This match gave a good heel and face feel with Lee doing his heel role that has been going around with the indy scene with as of lately. Both men had their moments to shine but I felt that while Lee was selling everything well Rush would sometimes undersell moves that Lee did.
Dezmond Xavier vs. Shane Strickland.
Flips, flips, and more flips between these two. This match was pretty much a straight up spotfest but these are two wrestlers that know how to do that well. Xavier continues to show why he is becoming such a big name and Strickland as expected continues to impress more and more.
Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) vs. The Leaders Of The New School (Marty Scurll & Zack Sabre Jr.)
For PWG to have a long lasting story isn’t normal but the story between Best Friends and Leaders Of The New School is turning out great. Scurll and Sabre know how to work the crowd great while Chucky T and Trent work their babyface side to a perfection here. This was a great back and forth bout with all 4 showing that they can go in any style of wrestling. The fact that these two teams are able to keep a story line during the match to keep you involved here is great and I can’t wait to see the next chapter in their feud.
The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (c) vs. Matt Sydal & Ricochet vs. Penta el 0M & Rey Fenix.
As expected match of the night. These are 3 teams who are at the top of the indy world right now. The match starts off fast and rarely slows down minus a few times towards the end. Even the comedy bit they do fairs well. Every member is given ample time to showcase himself as well as show the insane spots and tag spots they all pull together. This was one match that will have you on the edge of your seat in excitement to see what they can do next.
Overall this PWG was well above average from start to finish. Showcasing nothing but solid to excellent matches, this is one show all fans should check out.
Score : 8.5/10

AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Night One 2016 Review

  • AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Night One
  • Oct. 7th, 2016
  • 115th Bourbon Street Merrionette Park, IL

AAW kicked off the month of October with a two night tournament in memorial for Jim Lynam who worked with AAW and has passed away. The stakes were high with the winner of the tournament getting a shot for the title at “The Windy City Classic” show at the end of November.

The opening match was Heidi Lovelace vs Melanie Cruise making her AAW debut. Cruise was taking the place of Jessika Havok who was unable to attend. It was a decent match with Cruise using her size advantage for the majority of the match only for Lovelace to pick up the win at the end.

Next was the first match of the tournament with Chuck Taylor vs Davey Vega. Both had great pops with Taylor making his return after a few months away. It had some good comedy moments including Vega biting Taylor on the penis only for the crowd to ensue in chants against Vega for the action. Vega showcased his skills as a singles wrestler as well which was good to see. Taylor picked up the win at the end though to move forward.

Silas Young vs. Mat Fitchett was next with a good mixture of styles. Young tried to keep Fitchett down for the most part but Fitchett was able to push through and show everyone what he had eventually ending the match with a roll up pin for the win.

Brian Cage vs. ACH follwed with ACH making his AAW return taking the place of Josh Alexander who was unable to attend. This was a great match with Cage showing his strength often times throwing and lifting ACH around. ACH was able to show his high flying moves to pick up the victory over Cage however. Before the match as well Jeremy Iron came out and was bad mouthing Cage only for Cage to destory Iron leaving him to be pulled away by the refs.

Another contrast match followed with Colt Cabana vs. Zack Sabre Jr. Cabana was able to follow Sabre nicely matching his technical submission moves nearly. It helped as well that Cabana has a good size advantage over Sabre. The match had a few comedy bits in it which was a given with Cabana’s natural comedic efforts. Sabre was able to pull the victory though over Cabana in the end.

Making his return after last month’s event where he landed wrong ending in a concussion was Prince Ali vs Ethan Page. Page was returning taking the place for KAMAITACHI who had suffered an ankle injury in the past and wasn’t fully healed to perform. Ali shows the ease at the high flying moves he does making his flow look so natural. It was entertaining as well for see the crowd scream for Ali not to go over the top rope to do the same move he got injured by the previous month. Ali picked up the win in the end.

Next was a match of strength vs technical in the form of Drew Gulak vs. Jeff Cobb. Drew made the attempt to keep Cobb on the ground for the most part only to have Cobb use his strength to usually pick not only himself but Gulak back up. It was a slower match but a decent one with Cobb picking up the win.

Following that up was the second best match of the night with AR Fox vs. Rey Fenix. Both men are high flyers and some of the best in the business at it. Within a minute both men would flipping around each matching each others move sets leaving no time for anyone to even catch a breathe. Their ten minute match could of lasted hours and I’m sure no one would say a word about it. Both men earned the love and respect of that crowd even if it was only Fenix who picked up the win.

Kongo Kong vs. Chris Hero was the last tournament match of the night to give up two big men against each other. Hero really has the crowd eating out of his hand the second his music hits with the crowd chanting his song and phrases the entire time. It took a lot for Hero to get Kong down even missing many moves against him. Kong also impressively was able to get a moonsault that thankfully Hero moved out of the way for. At the end though a barrage of elbows from Hero was enough for him to pick up the win with.

The final match of the night was a Mexican Deathmatch with Pentagon Jr vs Sami Callihan. This is a match months in the making with each men going after each other and Callihan wanted to rip Pentagon’s mask off just like he had Fenix and others. Before the match even started trash cans and boards were brought out so everyone was anticipating the insanity that would ensue. Callihan came out with face paint look even crazier then normal. Pentagon attempted to make his entrance before being attacked with a chair from behind by Sami. Right away Sami shoved a spike into Pentagon’s mask causing him to start bleeding from his mask. Both men took vicious hits from chairs, trash cans, put through boards, hit with a barb wire wrapped 2×4, along with being tossed onto a dumped bag of legos that Sami had set out. Sami had a mad look in his eyes the majority of the match even when he was bleeding like crazy covering the majority of the match. Pentagon even appeared to have to snap a few of his fingers back into place after being set through a board. It was a very hardcore match and even had a moment where both men were just taking turns stabbing each other in the head with spikes. Both competitors gave it their own and Pentagon was able to retain the belt after doing his finisher on Sami on top of a pile of legos.

Overall it was a good card with only a few matches being a little slower. AAW continues to prove they are among the top of the indy companies and giving us matches such as the deathmatch and Fenix vs Fox the only thing AAW can do is go up.