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Assassin’s Creed (Film) Review

  • Dec. 21st. 2016
  • Action / Adventure
  • 1 Hour 55 Minutes Run Time

Assassin’s Creed is one of the biggest game franchises of the last 15 years. With a big story, iconic scenes and heart racing action the game would be perfect for film most assumed. Sadly however Assassin’s Creed follows the trend of horrible game to movie adaptations.

Normally I’d give a brief overview of the story and my thoughts but this story even with my knowledge of it beforehand was so over complicated yet never fully explained. The game took quite the time having to fully flush out the details needed to make a coherent story. Instead here we get mixed info involving the present, the past, a machine to go back into time, assassin’s, the apple of Eden and more. This is all such a disappointment before they focused on a story that ends up making no sense instead of focusing on the past aspect of the story where all the action normally takes place.

Its unfortunate that at least the first hour of the film starts off so slow and doesn’t even feature any times where they travel into the past. This starts the film off with a drag making viewers already start to lose interest. Even the spots where we are teleported back to the 1400’s end up being somewhat disappointing. Though the chases are the best parts the actions scenes themselves fail to impress as much because of the cuts. During scenes one moment we will be watching a great scene only to teleport back to the modern day where we view our character bouncing around on a giant machine fighting shadows. It can kill the vibe that the action scene builds and hurts the flow of it as well.

I can’t even say much about the cast including Michael Fassbender (who plays two roles) and Jeremy Iron. This entire film could of been cast with B or C list actors instead and not made a lick of a difference. We even sometimes lose the visual appeal of the scenic locations because the film makers assumed that in the 1400’s everything was constantly covered in a thick layer of dust was constantly being kicked around.

Overall it’s hard to even talk about Assassin’s Creed. With it’s incoherent rambling of a story mixed with some of the most promising fight scenes that become so disappointing this won’t just disappoint fans of the games but fans of films as well.

Score : 3/10

Mirrors Edge Catalyst Review

  • Jun. 7th, 2016
  • EA Dice
  • Xbox One / PS4 / PC


The original Mirrors Edge was a game that had some praise on a few key elements the game presented but ultimately was met with less than stellar reviews, years later we are given “Mirrors Edge Catalyst” and sadly enough the game still hasn’t lived up to what many may hope for.

The story here is swallow, predictable, and thoroughly uninteresting in nearly every aspect. You’ll quickly lose interest and find yourself skipping the cut scenes not caring what will happen. That in part is because every character in this game is just unlikable. Character development is nonexistent and even your own character just comes across as vague and bland.

Game play is the real interest here though. In the original Mirrors Edge many complained that the game would work better with an open world system and thus that is what we have been given. This isn’t what we wanted however. The world may be large but it is generic and uninspired. Human life is almost nonexistent except for characters offering quests or such that seemingly never move from one spot.

At first you’ll be running rooftop to rooftop at ease thinking the game world will be some big random world full of things to explore until you quickly see that most of the world is seemingly similar to everything else. Rooftops all start to feel alike as do inside corridors making you think you just were in a spot since so much feels alike. You’ll notice you are just running throughout the same spots all the time going from point A to point B with the only threat really being the random death falls you’ll encounter. The game just fails to capture what should be a exhilarating ride parkour-ing around instead leaving players less than excited.

From an environment standpoint the only time the game differs itself is during the main story missions in which you are given different inside buildings or set pieces to do. Some of these missions as well are the only time the game truly feels like it was made as a parkour game. Sadly most of the open world just involves a simple run, duck, crouch, swing, etc to get through it. Rarely do you feel like some master parkour artist using her abilities to quickly navigate an open world.

Side quests are something too that Catalyst just goes completely overboard with. The world is filled with too many quests and even though they are painted different types like hacking, deliveries, and distracting enemies they all boil down to being a timed race. Whats worse though is that for some races your pathway can be so unclear that even the tiniest move will cause you to fail it and run out of time. I found myself quickly just avoiding all side quests as race trails just became dull and mundane.

While Faith may control decent enough doing simple maneuvers the game is prone to messing up during more complicated sections. Missing ledges was a common problem I saw as well as jumping at climbing moments she shouldn’t of. You can upgrade her and she is given new skills but sadly by midway through the game everything new has been seen and the game has shown you all it has to offer in terms of game play.

The combat was a huge problem in the first game and while they attempted to change it for Catalyst it is still horrendous. You face a few different types of bland characters in what devolves into jumping and doing bad quick hits. You are told to lunge off the world around you to deliver a more powerful attack but often times I found when having to fight the world around me wasn’t made for that to be of use. Quickly you’ll find yourself just side jumping doing a quick hit and repeating that till the fight is finished.

Visually at times the game can be bright and stunning while running in the open world. Too many times though the indoor corridors just looked too bland and not having the best textures though making it feel like they only made the visuals to look great at certain moments.

Now Catalyst isn’t all bad. You’ll have some fun with it but as a whole it just falls short of everyone’s expectations. For having to wait so many years and having such potential Catalyst just doesn’t deliver on almost any of them. This could very much be the last time we see Faith and after this that might be for the better.


Score : 4/10