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Vertical Drop Heroes HD Review

  • PC
  • July 25th, 2014
  • Nerdook Productions / Digerati Distribution


Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a semi rouge like top to bottom platformer with some randomized level generators thrown in.

You start off each life picking a new character before being placed at the top of the level with the simply task of making down to the bottom alive and either using keys you’ve collected to open the door or killing the boss to progress to the next level. On the way down you can kill enemies to level your character up, collect coins for upgrades, and buy random upgrades and teleporters to skip earlier levels. Now you don’t have to kill anyone, in fact game rewards you for decided not to do so. As long you go through the level without killing the game is in Pacifist mode where you can collect extra XP to level you character up.

The kicker however is that when you die that character and his level progression is over with and reset. At the start of the next game you begin you pick a new character who starts at level 1. Though that makes it the basic rougelike game your powers and abilities you buy do carry over between all characters if they are able to use them.


The graphics look great with a bright crisp almost cartoon like look to them. Thankfully the game controls just as well with the only times I found myself complaining of getting hurt was because of being my fault or just some odd level choices.

Through my several hours in the game the more I leveled up and got further the more fun the game got. You become stronger each time and gain new powers to make the game easier. For $7 on Steam I have to recommend this, it’s a good game to play in bursts that will keep you entertained throughout it.


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The Judge (2014) Review


  • Drama
  • Oct. 10th, 2014
  • 141 Minutes


The Judge by all accounts should be a top notch drama with a great leading cast yet sadly falls short in every department it should exceed in.

Story wise The Judge follows Hank Palmer (Robert Downey Jr) a big city lawyer who after returning to his small town home where his family resides soon finds out that his father, the towns judge, is suspected of a hit and run murder. Now representing his dad he has to deal with the trail that could ruin his fathers career and life while also dealing with the family issues that caused him to leave town in the first place.

The problem with the story is that its something that has been done in a similar nature before and feels like it should of been a made for TV film but given wide release because they slapped a big name cast on it. Clocking in at nearly 2 and a half hours as well the film drags on especially in the middle. It nearly kills the film and any momentum that occurs. I’d imagine they could cut close to an hour of the film and end with a much better result.

Not even two top tier cast members could save this film. Robert Downey Jr does an excellent role that he will be remembered by for being different then his normal films at the moment. Robert Duvall as expected does a great job too though his role to this is more keen to what one would normally expect from him.

Overall The Judge could of been great but with too many factors weighing it down it lost the chance to be memorable or even good for that matter. I can’t really recommend it to anyone, at best if your dying to see it make this one just a rental.


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