About Apocalyptic Demise

How To Contact Us :

Please feel free to email any questions, concerns, or press / review opportunities to apocalypticdemisereviews@yahoo.com or by contacting us on our official Facebook page (link can be found below).

Do take into consideration that by the amount of items we have the chance to look at and write about that not everything is guaranteed a write up. We are a one man DIY ran site and with increasing web traffic and more promotions being received a backlog can be quickly developed so please be patient and reviews will be posted as quickly as possible.

If you are emailing a promo for a film or music please be sure to include download links and the necessary info needed to write a review.

What We Stand For :

This site was made by one man who started out writing quick reviews for fun with the idea of no one ever seeing them. Now it has turned into a full site which covers news, reviews, live shows, and the whole 10 yards.

What makes the site different from every other review site is how everything is wrote and presented. I feel like a review can be shorted and more to the point. Not everything needs to be some long drawn out multi-page, short story length article. You can sum up everything you want to say and have the viewer know what they need to know in short forms sometimes. That is why our reviews are varied lengths, some films for instance have Quick Reviews that get right to the point while other have a longer more in depth review.

At the end of the day though everything that is wrote is just one mans opinion and isn’t the word to run by. Be sure to check out everything yourself, who knows, you might just like it.

Check Out  :

Bruce Campbell’s Horror Film Festival

That Drummer Guy

Apoch’s Metal Review


Also be sure to check our profiles out on these other sites for news on our site and to follow what we do more in depth :





Instagram : apocalypticdemise

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5 thoughts on “About Apocalyptic Demise

  1. just wanna know if you want to do a interview and review with a band i sing for called What wings ince held! we only started this summer and have alot of interesting things in store for us (:

  2. Awesome site. Awesome logo.. Really dig the indy wrestling scene that you covered and the interviews.

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