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How To Contact Us :

Please feel free to email any questions, concerns, or press / review opportunities to admin@apocalypticdemise.com or by contacting us on our official Facebook page (link can be found below).

I do ask that when submitting material for coverage that you do remember due to the amount of content received as well as duties outside of this site that not everything submitted is guaranteed coverage.

Apocalyptic Demise is a one man run site. All views and opinions are solely my own. Please still check out whatever I may review as personal opinions of your own may form.

All articles, photos taken, and such are my own and are owned by me. Usage without my express written consent is not allowed.

Also be sure to check our profiles out on these other sites for news on our site and to follow what we do more in depth :





Instagram : apocalypticdemise

Letterboxd (To follow our viewed films)


Trueachievements (To follow our Xbox gamertag)

5 thoughts on “About & Social Media Links”

  1. just wanna know if you want to do a interview and review with a band i sing for called What wings ince held! we only started this summer and have alot of interesting things in store for us (:

  2. Awesome site. Awesome logo.. Really dig the indy wrestling scene that you covered and the interviews.

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