Lets Talk Wrestling : GCW “The Last Ones” 05.04.2019


GCW brought their latest iPPV event “Last Real Ones” to Summit, IL. Read the match reviews below.

Fuck Fest Match
KTB vs AJ Gray vs Egotistico Fantastico vs Isaias Velazquez vs JJ Garrett vs Nate Webb vs Reed Bentley
Fun way to kick off the show. Match took place all over the place and had spots from everyone. Kept moving fast enough to not get dull or anything. 3.5/5
Marko Stunt defeats Tony Deppen
Stunt I feel is still trying to really find his place and character while Deppen has nailed the heel pretty well. Match itself had its moments but was just okay. 2.5/5
Shane Mercer defeats Jake Atlas
Not really a fan of either men here. Mercer still feels too generic to me. Match was spent with too much of a chop battle until the end when Mercer did the only thing hes gotten over for. 2/5
Orin Veidt vs Eric Ryan
Dear god match of the night. Both men here gave it their all in what at times felt like it could be a literal death match. Ryan and Veidt both bled themselves to the core and both show how they are two of the best in the deathmatch game at the moment. 4.5/5
Alex Colon defeats Jimmy Lloyd
Another decent bout and Colon forced Llyod to do more actual wrestling than normal in a deathmatch. Felt like both could of done more though. 3/5
Markus Crane defeats John Wayne Murdoch
One of the best Crane deathmatches he’s done and made both men look good. Crane had some good focus in this match and Murdoch looked like a madman. 3.5/5
Joey Janela defeats Orange Cassidy
Really wasn’t a fan of this. Was try too gimmicky and felt completely out of place. For being a fan of both these guys and the brief moments they actually do something good in this match it just felt like a giant joke all match. 1.5/5
Nick Gage (c) defeats Mance Warner
400+ days as champ and leader of MDK Gage and Warner put on a deathmatch clinic. Both men took greats amount of damage with Warner taking spots from a saw and a staple gun. Warner put on enough of a fight to where Gage could of lost the belt as well and based on this bout I look forward to more Warner deathmatches in the future. 4/5

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