Movie Review : The Predator (2018)

The Predator takes a campy 80’s action movie, pumps up the gore, throws in some great one liner humor, and delivers a fun action / horror hybrid we need on the big screen.

The story in here might actually be the worst part. It is overly ridiculous once it all comes out to play and I won’t spoil that. Let’s just say the predator comes to earth in search of a prime example of the human race and a group of PTSD warn soldiers must help defend earth.

Our rag tag group of misfit damaged soldiers steal the show here though. The Predator goes for the alpha male, bad mouth talking, guns drawn, approach here to really ramp up the 80’s feel to it. The one liners we get between all the guys here can be vulgar and some might say juvenile but it works well here. It’s also great to see the brotherhood develop between them all and try to root for them throughout the film.

As for the Predator itself, well its a predator. The trailer gives too much away sadly. Not only does the trailer give away the mega predator but it shows several of the big scenes that involves it.

Thankfully director Shane Black does give us some great ultraviolence here. While at times the CGI can look a little wonky, we are given some good creature designs and some brutal predator kills here.

Overall The Predator is a good continuation of the series. It brings back a campy violent action film of years past and is a very solid film to sit back, relax, enjoy, and turn your brain off for.

Score : 7/10

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