Claws Of Furry is a brawler made for co-op that sadly lacks enough substance to warrant long game play sessions.

The story for Claws Of Furry is nothing you haven’t seen a million times. It boils down to a simple revenge and rescue mission story. You won’t be coming for the story though, instead you’ll be coming for the challenge. This game can be incredibly difficult and unforgiving. One mode even is rogue lite meaning you’ll have to restart from the beginning after each death and since death can come in a matter of hits, one wrong move and you could be starting over. The difficulty even makes one mode simply unenjoyable because of it.

For game play you’ll be facing x amount of enemies per level with the only goal being to kill everyone. It boils down to a simple brawler type game. You have three attacks and a dodge. Nothing new is ever added nor changed. There is no XP system instead going the route of unlocking costumes that add new powers. Enemies come in different shapes or sizes but they all come to down either being spammed with the uppercut or a dodge then quick attack.

Since nothing new is ever introduced from the start the game can become stale quickly. Levels become repetitive and a quick boss battle here and there does nothing to change that.

Graphically the enemies are nicely detailed and some environments look nice. Character design seems to come from the Rayman academy so no limbs are attached. Environments are just used over and over sadly so it all starts to blend in.

Overall Claws Of Furry seems to have played it way too safe and thus suffered from it. Since nothing new is ever given really and what we do have is simplified a great deal Claws Of Furry isn’t something I could recommend.

Score : 3.5/10

Digital review code provided by the developer.

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