Film Review : Escape Plan 2 Hades

Escape Plan 2 is the straight to dvd sequel to a film that no one really asked for a sequel to . Thankfully though for this sequel they give us viewers a plot that makes no sense at all, some good false advertisement with the poster, and just a whole lot of nothing worth being excited over.

Escape Plan 2 sees Stallion and his random team of men back inside a new super prison titled Hades. Hades is seemingly a one level floor though with just a big room and lots of hallways though. It is a very bland and lifeless looking super prison and clearly shows the lack of budget and vision that this film was going with.

Thankfully the story is there, in some sort or another it seems. The story just seemingly runs off little bits of pieces of info, almost as if most of the scenes that would structure the story were seemingly left out. Towards the end they just tried to quickly tie as much in as they could without much effort. We are just left with so many answers and shown so much that doesn’t make sense. Why are there lasers everywhere? Why can he seemingly shock and subdue an entire room? Why is someone called “The Zookeeper”? After a while I just stopped worrying that they’d explain anything.

Thankfully as all the posters for this movie show, Stallone and Bautista star in this film. In reality Stallone is only really in some of the beginning and towards the end of the film. Bautista on the other hand has a couple minutes screen time overall, which is great since he is advertised as one of the leads of the film. For some reason or another 50 Cent has about 1 minute worth of screen time in this one too.

Now one would think, if all this is so bad the action is at least holding it together right? In short, not by a long shot. All action scenes are so chopped and edited that rarely do you get a straight shot of any action. For a movie with what would appear to be a steady amount of action, every action scene seems like it’s over just as quickly as it started and never has any real consequences.

Overall Escape Plan 2 isn’t good, at all. It’s a sequel no one wanted with a story that has plot holes so huge you could fit another film into them. Thankfully we have two leads that are barely in the movie and some action scenes that are cut up enough that you’ll barely get to see anything from them. Just avoid this and prepare yourself for Escape Plan 3.

Score : 2/10

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