Film Review : Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper is another Rock summer blockbuster that is part Die Hard part Towering Inferno but without the charm, flair, and general greatness that either of those films brought forth.

The story follows Will Sawyer, ex FBI agent who lost a leg due to a hostage situation and a bomb. After taking up a security position and being hired to look over the details for the new highest building in Hong Kong the building soon goes up in flames and Will must find a way inside to save his family and find who did this.

Its a play by numbers story with easy to spot plot points. Wills amputee fake leg isn’t used nearly enough here. Plot points to get characters where they need to be are set up in a poor fashion as well.

The action set pieces hold up though. You never feel like there are any real stakes however. You know no major good characters will die at all and that good will always prevail in a film like this. Therefore nothing has major consequences.

Dwayne Johnson does his usual “good family dad” mixed with unstoppable brute hulk job well. Neve Campbell as Mrs. Sawyer is a odd casting for the sheer fact of what has Neve Campbell been doing for years? She skips along to the beat but for being a doctor in the military they sure do make her appear both dumb and not incredibly helpful.

Overall Skyscraper won’t win awards, you’ll likely forget about most of it shortly after watching it. If you want a dumb mindless play by numbers action film this will do. Otherwise just skip this Rock venture and wait for a better one he does.

Score : 5/10

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