Film Review : The Strangers : Prey At Night

The Strangers Prey At Night is a sequel to a movie released ten years ago with seemingly little connection to the first one, almost no story, yet still a fun old school horror film.

Following a family who is attempting to stay at a families trailer only to quickly realize that the entire trailer park seem to be empty. Upon finding a body though they quickly realize that there are 3 masked figures after them for seemingly no reason other than to just kill.

That is the extent of the story mainly. Characters are given very little backstory other than the daughter with issues going to border school and the jock lovable son. Don’t expect much depth or anything past a cliche here.

Prey At Night is also vastly different than the previous film. Going from a very tense, isolated suspense filled horror film we are instead given a straight up slasher film with gore and 80’s love thrown around at will.

For the times though that these scenes feel a bit too over the top or cliche we are treated to a few scenes that are marvelous. One scene in particular involving a pool, neon lights, great camera shots, and the 80’s soundtrack makes you think, what if the entire movie was done this well.

Even at its worst though, Prey At Night is a fun mainstream slasher that we just don’t get to see too often. Its one to watch for sure for horror fans, just don’t go expecting the same movie as the first Strangers.

Score : 7/10

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