Film Review : Death Wish (2018)


With the announcement of a reboot of Death Wish, the 70’s thriller starring Charles Bronson, it seemed to be received with lackluster support. After viewing it however, that lackluster support seemed about right.

The story follows Paul Kersey, a trauma doctor in Chicago, who after a home invasion that left his wife dead and his daughter in a coma decides to go after the men who did this himself. Now it’s a basic story and deals with issues about vigilantism and such. It also is not nearly as brutal as the original one was. Also for this being a film directed by Eli Roth, it is the most un Eli Roth feeling film he’s done.

What just hurts this movie though is the fact that after the major events, Kersey seemingly goes from trauma doctor to be being able to survive shoot outs with multiple guys at once. We are told that he has a history of fighting when younger but his luck with guns must be extreme, since it is shown that he has no experience with them.

The story continues to just not care about details as the news does coverage about this street justice white man in a hoodie. Detectives seemingly never once expect it’s Kersey, even when suspects from his case start dying.

Bruce Willis must know by now that his major action days are gone as he continues to be bland and emotionless for this. His actions scenes are less than stellar and to say he did anything other than phone this in would be a understatement.

Overall this reboot ultimately just feels lifeless. Willis delivers a lifeless role and the seemingly play by numbers story just skips over any plot hole or issue it has as if it was jumping hurdles. You can watch it, or don’t, your life won’t really change either way.

Score : 4/10

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