Film Review : Black Panther

Black Panther upon release blew up with constant news updates on how well it was doing for a multitude of reasons. Now while it is a good Marvel film, sadly Black Panther suffers from a few things that hold it back from being in that top tier of superhero films.

Having only been introduced to the Black Panther character in a small amount in Avengers Civil War we are expected to learn a good amount of his back story here. Sadly though this doesn’t really seem to happen. Other than that his dad was king before him, we aren’t given much to run by other than him being royalty. We are only given small amounts of info and why and how Wakanda is around. Just in general we are thrown into this world without much effort being given into letting us know about it.

Even with all this though Wakanda and it’s world is incredibly vibrant and real looking. It flows and looks as a real world would and the technological advances are given a good explanation for the most part as well.

Thankfully we get a solid villain here though, actually two villains. Our first one starts to show some promise before being taken away to showcase our main one, Killmonger. Killmonger, played by Michael B Jordan, is a exile from Wakanda who is raised in America and trains himself as a solider and killer. He becomes enraged from how the world treats and looks down on the black community while also hating that Wakanda turns their back on them instead of helping them. What makes him a great villain is that his motive is clear and easily realistic and relateable. It makes it even more realistic when T’Challa (Black Panther) is able to see his view point and recognize his anger. He never attempts to hide or take away what is rightly Killmongers and always gives him the chance he deserves.

Now while Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan both do great as Black Panther and Killmonger the supporting cast always does a good job but never feels overly important minus a character or two. Letitia Wright  as Shuri manages to pull off balancing the annoying younger sister act and genius technology maker just fine.

Now while it attempts to build itself a solid story between hero and villain it then drops that all the second the action begins. For a world that is made with such gorgeous and colorful CGI, every action scene is riddled with horrible CGI somehow. On top of that the fight choreography just seems lacking, which comes as such a disappointment after the few times you are shown what Black Panther is truly capable of. The final fight has such horrible CGI to it that not only does it completely ruin the fight itself as the climax but leaves a damper on the entire film.

Overall Black Panther is decent. We are given some great characters in a lush colorful world that is sadly just left with a mark by some lackluster action scenes, horrible CGI, and lack of detail into some aspects of the story. While the film is a milestone for reasons it sadly couldn’t nail everything it delivered.

Score : 6/10

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