Album Review : Charmer – Charmer

Emo is a genre that after bands like Dashboard Confessionals started to slow down just never picked back up. Here comes Charmer though, with a strong emo sound mixed with elements of pop punk and indie and this could be the band to bring it all back.

From the start with the track “Bummer Summer” we are shown what Charmer is all about. With heartfelt lyrics, catchy hooks, some raspy and soft vocals, and some great musicianship. Tracks blend into each other perfectly and the 22 minutes the album lasts just flows through.

Not every song is slow and mellow however. Tracks like “Starship Tina” show us a more aggressive and pop punk like side to the band and where they draw some influences from as well. “Pretty Over College” introduces a trumpet into the mix without it becomes too lost in the mix or over powered. Its moments like this that show how truly versatile the band is.

From start to finish Charmers first full album release is a near flawless record. Blended late 90’s / early 2000’s emo sounds with blends of pop punk and indie provide a truly captivated and heartfelt experience for listeners. This is a an album and band fans of this style shouldn’t sleep on.

Score : 8/10

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