Film Review : Rampage (2018)

Rampage might be one of the best video game films of all time, while also being a movie based off a game by almost only the name. Despite this we get to see The Rock team up with a giant Gorilla to fight two other monster animals so can it really be bad?

At no point in time should you use your brain during Rampage. With a story where The Rock is an ex military servicemen turned Primatologist who ends up teaming up with a giant mutated gorilla to fight a mutated wolf and mutated alligator. Throw in a evil corporation trying to use the mutations they illegally made for their own monetary profits and an ex scientist trying to help fix the mess she made and that about sums up the story.

What everyone is actually watching is this for is the action between The Rock vs some mutated beasts. I will say the scenes where they are showing all 3 creatures tear through Chicago locations is a load of fun. Seeing them plow through buildings, cars, tanks, planes, and everything in between with ease is what you came here looking for. The first 3/4ths of the film while leading up to the city destruction has a few decent action sequences but sometimes can almost try too hard with attempting to set up a story and back stories for all.

The mutated animals in this film look great. George, the albino gorilla, brings the closest thing the movie has to any emotional draw with his relationship with Davis (Dwayne Johnson). The other two monsters being a giant Wolf that also can fly, and a huge dinosaur like Alligator. All 3 monsters look photo realistic and great on screen. The CGI here was done incredibly well.

Now if only the human actors here could be done as well. The acting here fits fine, The Rock as always does his job as the action hero well. Its just however that almost everyone else is stuck doing their best with incredibly shallow generic roles. Malin Akerman tries her best as a crazy power hungry businesswoman attempting to cover herself with the mess of what she helped create. Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to simple just do his best southern impression and smile, not needing to do much else for this role.

Overall Rampage is fun, its a film that requires no thought. Don’t go into this looking for anything deep and don’t look too far into this one because you’ll quickly see the flaws start to overflow. Come in with the right mindset and what you’ll get is some fun monster action and The Rock teaming with a gorilla against a wolf and an alligator and isn’t that just what everyone needs.

Score : 6/10

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