Film Review : A Quiet Place

 A Quiet Place is a tense fresh breathe of air for mainstream horror that creates one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll have watching a film in some time.

With a simple premise we follow a family who live in a world where they must remain completely silent, as even the simplest of sounds attract some type of creatures that have taken over.

Now this premise itself isn’t entirely original or completely fleshed out. However writer / director / and lead actor John Krasinski is able to captivate the viewer with his use of sound. With almost no dialog the entire film is told through sign language with barely whispers. We are thrown into this world where sound is the most dangerous thing out there and we are made aware of just how serious even a second of it would be. Thus because of all this Krasinski is able to have you enthralled with suspense focusing on even the smallest sound and using that sound to tell us to look, or be scared, or feel emotions, or all of the above.

The use of sound here is something that makes this good movie become great and in some circumstances one of the best of its kind ever. From the moment the film becomes you become so drawn in that even the smallest sound on screen will have you holding your breathe as to not make a sound.

On top of sound Krasinski is able to focus on items in the world he has created to build tension even more. A simple shot of light bulbs builds the tension even more knowing of what is going to happen. His shot of a nail in this film should go down in the history books for film as a shot that makes you dread what will inevitably come.

Aside from the horror aspect, the film is more about a family. We see a family stricken with tragedy, impending birth in a world where one single cry could end it all, issues with children, and a father willing to do anything to protect his family. This is all done so well that it takes the creature angle even further.

The family angle is done so well because of Emily Blunt and John Krasinskis real life marriage together with also having two children. They bring a very emotionally driven realism to their scenes as a family.  Young actress Millicent Simmonds, as the deaf daughter (who is actually deaf in real life), knocks it out of the park here. We see a more emotional side with her that you wouldn’t normally get from a child actor in a horror film.

I will say that the family story line here including her attempting to birth a child in a world where silence is king is a heart stopping gut wrenching moment. Instances like this Krasinski truly shows his keen eye and ear with film making and letting you see and hear only what he wants you to.

If I was to say the main downside of the movie though is that at times the score is just too loud. For a movie that praises silence, during certain moments the score becomes too loud and out there. While it never ruins the moment I would be curious to see a version of the film without a score or will a lowered one.

The only other slight downside is that we are shown so much of the family and their struggles and life we are never given much info about the outside world. Very briefly are we shown a brief history of when and how the creatures came but we also are never given any indication of how the outside world is. From the beginning of the film you’d assume they were the only ones around but as the film progresses they change that. Sequels could explain what happened before this film but for now we just weren’t given much to build the world around with.

Don’t take any of this as being something to break the film though. Overall A Quiet Place is a horror and suspense masterpiece. Krasinski made one of the most tense heart pounding horror films possibly ever with this. He was able to draw you in to such a degree where you as the viewer will watch your breathing as to not make sounds. A Quiet Place is simply a must see for all.

Score : 8.5/10

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