Film Review : Ready Player One

Going into Ready Player One my biggest thought was how they would be able to balance a world full of chances to showcase every cameo under the sun while making it not seem like just one giant cameo show off. What I got though was one of the most fun action films you could possibly see right now.

The story at it’s root is a simple one with a deeper meaning. We follow a world of the future where a virtual reality world named Oasis exists. In this world you can be and do anything you could ever imagine. When its founder dies though he releases a video saying he left a 3 part challenge hidden in the game and first one to find it not  only will take ownership of Oasis but also claim his fortunes that he has left behind.

We follow Wade, a boy who lost his parents and lives in the poor trailer building with his aunt and her abusive boyfriend. To escape from his terrible real life he sneaks away into his hiding spot in a junkyard and escapes into Oasis where he has belongings and also has friends.

Now leaving the story aside as to not give much away the film has two drastically different sections. The parts in the real world usually have a much darker and more depressing look up until the end when all is revealed to a close. Most of the movie though takes place in Oasis and boy is this where the film nears perfection.

The Oasis is filled with action set pieces featuring endless amounts of references, characters, and pieces of video game, music, and movie love. While the action scenes themselves are simply breathtaking at times and a mixture of beautiful and exciting to see, the world around it is just as beautiful.

Watching a scene and seeing a character you love, or a weapon you know, or a reference you understood is something just marvelous here. While at times it can be overwhelming it never once felt like they were trying to overdo it to compensate for lackluster scenes.

If I were to say downsides though other than the real world scenes sometimes bringing the film down some with its outlook on the world is the characters. Sure we follow our lead character Wade around and are given some of a backstory for him but its never that in depth.

Side characters, even ones playing major roles such as Art3mis and Aech are there in the story, made for you to believe they play a bigger role, but never really given much a story. They simply are just there without major complications.

Overall though Ready Player One is a spectacle that possibly won’t ever be recreated like this. A swarm of pop culture references intertwined into a story with large action set pieces but turns to have a deeper meaning. Even with the negatives aside, on a personal level especially as a gamer, this movie is just flat out fun and thats something that everyone needs.

Score : 8.5/10

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