Film Review : Downsizing


Downsizing will easily go down as one of the biggest misleading films in recent memory.

From what the previews entail you see what looks like a quirky film with a sci-fi and potentially political element to it about being able to be shrunk down in size and live in a near perfect society. Being shrunk down is said to save the environment and give you that perfect life.

Sadly in this 2+ hour film that entire element only lasts for maybe a little more than a half hour or so before the film does a full bait and switch. Instead of being an off beat comedy like it somewhat starts off as it turns into a downward drama almost with a lead character losing his life and him finding others who have it worse than he does. Throw in a environment in the ghetto similar to something District 9 or Elysium had and a story about doing something for the greater good.

Now if the entire movie was centered around this from the start it might of had a chance. The fact is though the entire sci fi premise with being shrunk is nearly entirely thrown away by the 1/3rd mark of the film or so. With this new direction thrown in the mood itself completely changed as well. I couldn’t find myself enjoying it at all and felt it would drag on and could of used a little shorter of a run time.

Almost everyone here feels miscast as well. Matt Damon and Kristin Wiig in the first 40 minutes work well and with what was going on. Damon however just didn’t have the full emotional affect going on later on. Wiig as well is only in the first third anyway.

Overall Downsizing personally was a huge let down. What could be a fun sci-fi political flick instead turned into a deep drama that just dragged on.

Score : 2/10

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