Film Review : Justice League

DC has never really been able to capture the superhero market to the degree that Marvel has. With Justice League we get DC’s attempt to capture what The Avengers did and make their franchise of heroes into a huge box office smash for years to come. Sadly though as expected, Justice League falls short in too many ways.

Starting with the story Justice League somewhat rushes into too many things with little to no explanation. The story seemingly has already been going on from the start of the movie and explaining / setting it up is seemingly thrown on Bruce Wayne and Wonder Womans shoulders in the film.

One issue with the kick start of the story is explaining and introducing these new heroes for the first time. Aquaman is quickly thrown in as is The Flash. Barely any backstory is given for either while Cyborg is given a short section to very briefly explain what happens but even then the viewers aren’t given a clear explanation of it really.

By doing this all 3 of those heroes felt weak and ultimately pointless at times. This was clearly something where they were meant to show face with not much else. The Flash in particular is a mess of a character and given how his TV version was built up so well, this film version of him isn’t something I’d be fond of seeing in a solo film. Speaking of which, between the horrid CGI of Cyborg and the fact that he is by far the weakest character to watch leaves a solo film for him to be something that might possibly never need to happen. Even Aquamans solo scenes don’t bode well for his solo film with his underwater fight scene even making me wonder how he will be able to carry a film on his own.

Thankfully as well this looks to be the end of Ben Afflecks Batman reign as again I just can’t stand his portrayal of the Dark Knight. His in suit version of Batman is dreadful every time he is on screen. Superman in here as well is just a afterthought and poorly CGI’ed.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is the only saving grace the movie has and seemingly the only saving grace DC has as well.

Sadly we can’t even have a decent villain here either as at no point in time did I feel as if there was a threat at all. By the 3rd act of the film it was just going downhill fast to a point where I just stopped caring. Action scenes are a letdown with Wonder Women being the only one to provide anything truly cool to see in any of them.

Maybe this would all be better if they didn’t yet again try to make this all so serious. This is the same problem almost every DC film has made so far. The story tries to be dark and serious at almost all times that the mood never picks up. One liners fall flat here making it even worse.

Overall Justice League falls very flat. With a bad story, bad villain, bad action, and a cast of characters that seemingly are thrown in there to just show face, it’s clear that DC should just go back to the drawing board with this all. Thankfully Wonder Woman is able to save nearly everything she is in. This is a superhero film that most will see, but sadly it doesn’t hold a candle even close to the lowest Marvel movie out there.

Score : 4/10



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