Happy Death Day Review

Blumhouse is slowly proving that that a PG-13 horror film doesn’t have to just a cash grab that is just jump scares. Happy Death Day is enjoyable in almost every way.

Happy Death Day has a simple premise. Tree is on her way to a party on her birthday and is murdered. She wakes up though only to realize that she must continue to relive the same day over and over including her being murdered. After coming to terms with this she must find out who is her killer and why its happened.

It’s a simple premise, its the movie Groundhog Day (which I applaud the end scene for it) but with a horror twist. I found myself quite enjoying the story though and the progression it took. While I have heard some say that they found the twist early on, I found that I was still guessing even towards the end because of the false finishes they give.

One of the best parts of this though is that at no point does the movie become annoying like most modern horror films do that are made for a wide audience. You can decent enough fun kills for a PG-13 films, the killer has a good creepy mask, no characters become annoying just to be the annoying one, and everything eventually leads together.

This has to do greatly with the fact that Jessica Rothe blew her role out of the water here as Tree. From a character that from the start seems unlikable she is able to morph it into one of the most root able characters in horror lately. It helps as well that she does so well being able to change emotions so greatly from scared, to crazy, to happy, to being the in charge action woman without a problem.

Overall Happy Death Day is a enjoyable horror thriller. With a story that keeps you guessing and a fun lead character, this is one film that deserved to reach a wide audience and hopefully Blumhouse continues on with films like this.

Score : 7/10

  • Release Date : Oct. 13th, 2017
  • Run Time : 1 Hour 36 Minutes
  • Genre : Horror

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