Danger Zone Review

Danger Zone manages to take the crash mode from the Burnout series and make a game with only that concept. Somehow though they also take all that was fun and good about it and strip it of that as well.

The first thing you will notice is that from the menus to the game play visuals the game does not look good. While its clear enough what everything is the textures and details of cars and such look like a late PS2 or early Xbox 360 game.

Don’t worry though because the second you take control of the car it just gets worse. The car moves slowly and turns like the wheel doesn’t want to move. Don’t think about reversing or drifting either as neither of those options are there. If you miss your target you wanted then you almost have to just restart the level.

Game play wise the general objective is to create the biggest amount of chaos and destruction possible. Some missions will have you running straight into traffic or jumping over ramps to get to the place to do it. You can also create combos that will give you another chance to blow up and move your car in mid air to create more chaos.

The problem with this is all though is that with the execution of it all it just isn’t fun. Missions have a certain amounts of cars locked to it meaning unlike say Burnout when you miss the first set or so of cars that pass by there won’t be any more to come after it. With a game having the point of blowing stuff up to cause destruction it just feels empty.

Now none of this even matters because the game is nearly unplayable. I had the same mission continously crash the game over 15 times without fault. The game would simply not even allow me to finish the mission because it would out of no where crash the game restarting me at the xbox dashboard.

Overall its a concept that if it were done right could be good. Sadly it’s a shallow and broken game that doesn’t manage to do anything right.

Score : 1.5/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy of Three Fields Entertainment Limited

  • Release Date : Oct. 10th, 2017
  • System : Xbox One
  • Genre : Racing

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