Assault Android Cactus Review

Assault Android Cactus while originally suppose to come out in 2014 was finally released in late 2017 and this simple enough twin stick shooter with a twist was well worth the wait.

The campaign begins with a simple tutorial showing the basic game play elements and shooting mechanics. Now there is a special twist here to set itself apart from other twin stick shooters. Instead of a normal health meter you must watch your energy meter instead which constantly drains. It will always be ticking down and damage from enemies only makes it deteriorate quicker. To fix this issue you must kill enemies as quick as possible because they drop battery pick ups that charge your energy meter back.

Having to watch your energy meter while swarms of enemies rush you then having to break through the crowd to grab that battery at the last seconds add great amounts of tension. On top of batteries enemies also drop two different types of power ups affecting your speed and weapons. These become necessary later on in the game to defeat the almost endless swarms you face.

The campaign does a good job at letting you do a few levels where you can dominate the enemies without being overwhelmed before ramping it up to crazy amounts of enemies on screen coming at you from every angle. At the end of each floor in the campaign is a boss battle as well. Boss battles feel satisfying when beat and take time to defeat while never feeling too hard or unfair.

After the campaign there are other modes to try as well. Boss Rush is just every boss one after the other with only one life. Infinity Drive is a wave based endless mode to see how far you can make it before your battery drains completely.

Thankfully with all happening on screen the game never lags at all and controls perfectly. I was able to duck in and out of waves of enemy bullets with ease thankfully. The graphics are bright and colorful as well giving it almost a modern cartoon like vibe to it.

Overall Assault Android Catcus is a fun twin stick shooter that will satisfy all. The campaign will last a few hours at all and with couch co-op and other modes this is one you’ll find yourself coming back to.

Score : 8.5/10

Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Witchbeam / Stride PR

  • Release Date : Nov. 7th, 2017
  • System : Xbox One
  • Genre : Twin Stick Shooter

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