Mortality Rate : Sleep Deprivation Review

Sleep Deprivation which is Mortality Rates first full length record takes elements from bands like Converge and seemingly makes them almost more pissed off in one of the best sleeper hits of 2016.

The opening self titled track kicks the album off with a drum beat and some softer clean vocals before breaking into some vicious pissed off screams.

It quickly into Sandman which is fast, aggressive,  and pissed off while still staying melodic. It has some thrash elements into it while giving the rhythm that would make a pit go crazy at a hardcore show.

Songs like Temple show off what could almost be a old school Converge vibe with a fast almost chaotic brand of hardcore. The guitars and fast and engaging with solid drum work to back it.

In between the fast agressive nature of the album is a softer quick song with an almost poem like quality to it. This works well in giving you that quick resting period before they continue to demolish all that is around them with another heavy track.

Overall if this is any sign of what Mortality Rate can do then I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. With a fast vicious album that grabs you in and doesn’t let go, Sleep Deprivation is a must hear.

Score : 9/10

  • April 16th, 2016
  • Hardcore


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