Kingsmen : The Golden Circle Review

Kingsmen : The Golden Circle is a sequel to a shockingly fun action film that even though it manages to do quite a lot wrong still ends up being a fun enough action film.

To start off with The Golden Circle has one of the worst and most unflattering beginning action sequences of not only 2017 but possibly the last few years. It was a horribly ugly CGI’d mess. The first film was so over the top with it’s action which is perfectly fine but the CGI for this opening moment was so off putting almost that it started the film off with a sour moment for sure.

The story for this film is almost all over the place at moments. From a evil woman bent on taking control over the world from her own private little world with robot dogs, to the UK and USA brands of Kingsmen meeting up, to old characters coming back, to a overly long and drawn out romantic angle; it often times feels as if Kingsmen is trying for too much. This is a action movie that clocks in at nearly 2 and a half hour and while sometimes that works in this case the story isn’t nearly sound enough to be able to hold that length with what it’s offering.

Since the story doesn’t always work, certain elements introduced seem left out or fell short here too. For instance I feel almost the entire USA angle of the Kingsmen especially including Channing Tatum were underused here. Other then a short part of the story and a few action scenes he is seemingly here and just as quickly gone.

I think one main part that just feels so let down is that while the action scenes are for the most part decent enough they just feel forgettable. CGI sometimes hurts this film rather than helps it and because it is trying so hard to be over the top at all times doesn’t help scenes either.

Julianne Moore as Poppy, the villain living in a world of her own is actually pretty well done. She does go over the top at moments almost trying to channel her inner Samuel L Jackson from the previous film. Elton John deserves some sort of award for playing himself here though as any moment he is on screen is pure magic.

Overall Kingsmen sadly can’t match its first run. Over the top moments with some bad CGI hurts scenes while forgetting action moments won’t help it either. Mix that in though with a long run time and a lackluster story makes Kingsmen worth a viewing if you were a fan of the film but don’t expect the great second coming however.


Score : 6/10


  • Sept. 22nd, 2017
  • 2 Hour 21 Minute Run Time
  • Action

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