Slayaway Camp Butcher’s Cut Review


Slayaway Camp Butcher’s Cut is a puzzle game with a lot of content and a deep love for 80’s horror films.

Featuring 300+ levels and all DLC from the PC edition makes Butcher’s Cut the complete version of Slayaway Camp.

The levels go completely old school coming in VHS form and each boasting their own killer you play as often times taking cues from horror films on how they are made.

Starting off rather easy the first few tapes let you get the feel for the puzzle mechanics including being able to rewind your steps while also introducing different game play elements.

Game play is rather simple. You must kill the people on the map (sometimes including the cops on screen) and then make it to the exit. Now this may sound easy but you must also avoid traps which can instantly kill you as well as police line of sights. Later levels can have you doing 15 steps between each action leading throughout the level.

Completing levels earns you gold which can be used to unlock new killers and kill packs which give a fresh bloody look to the game. Upon finishing the 10 base game VHS packs you’ll find more level packs along with deleted scenes and other game play modes ensuring this is a game that will last some time.

Visually the game has the blocky Minecraft look to it. With the blood option turned on the kills can be clever and fun at first but become too repetitive sometimes.

Overall Slayaway Camp will provide hours to anyone looking into sinking time into a new puzzle game. It has the quirky part of it with it’s love of horror to stand out from the rest and gives it the little heart it needed to succeed.


Score : 7.5/10


Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Digerati Distribution


  • Xbox One
  • Oct. 23rd ,2017
  • Blue Wizard Digital / Digerati Distribution

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