Stop Santa – Tower Defense Review

Stop Santa is a enjoyable but bare basic quick tower defense game to kill a few minutes in but quite not a extended stay.

The game play is your simple tower defense mode. You have a total of 3 tower types to pick from with each having a different attack type and being upgradable. Each map has a very clear and distinct path while never going into being complicated.

Featuring 9 levels the game isn’t long by any means and can be completed in around a half hour to 45 minutes. The difficulty goes up from each map but never reaches anything too much of a challenge until the last one, which is easily complicated when you get your towers placed right. This is a good starter for someone that is newer to the tower defense genre.

The game itself controls and runs just fine with good amounts of enemies on screen at once. Visually it is bright and colorful with a cartoon look to it. I will say I would of enjoyed a speed function like most TD games do that will allow the enemies speed to increase as they in slower moments it does feel too slow.

Overall Stop Santa isn’t a bad game. It’s short, has a cheap price point, and runs well. However it isn’t something that you might come back to with a lack of maps or anything randomized, lack of towers and enemy types. This shouldn’t deter you from checking out a good starter TD game from a newer company though. Hopefully from this though they have shown promise and their next TD game can improve from this even more so.


Score : 7/10


Digital Review Code Provided Courtesy Of Taco Truck Games


  • PC
  • Taco Truck Games
  • Dec. 4th, 2017

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