Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review


Star Wars Battlefront 2 might be the most talked about game in recent history because of multiple reasons, but is it truly as bad and full of issues as you’ve heard about? Simply put, yes.

For starts though Battlefront 2 did include a single player this time around. Sadly though this is a short and somewhat half assed attempt at one. Now while you will get a feel for the game and controlling characters online it isn’t much fun. For every exciting lightsaber moment you’ll be forced with generic shooter moments, bland flying sections that take way too long, or moments of holding an area down for an NPC. For a campaign that will only last a few hours or so the fact that so much feels like padding just makes you wonder if the campaign was just put in to avoid being bad mouthed.

Arcade mode is fun for a round or two until you realize other than local split screen game play it is ultimately pointless. You are given a time limit and told to kill x amount of enemies before the clock expires. It almost acts as just a fun way to play as a high powered character and demolish all who stand in your way. They even capped the credits you can earn in the game mode so it isn’t even a good way to spam credits for yourself.

The online is where Battlefront 2 is suppose to shine though it came right out the gate with major controversy about its use of loot crates. Now most games use loot crates now but Battlefront 2 took a step further making it to where the cards and items gained from a loot box would give a huge advantage online making it pay to win nearly. For those unwilling to drop cash for the chance for rare cards or characters would be forced to spend hours upon hours collecting credits just to unlock a single character. Now even though shortly after launch they froze the option to buy loot boxes, they have stated it is only a temporary thing and will be returning. This has caused a huge shock in gaming and even made headline news with the use of loot boxes in cases such as this as a form of gambling.

Online game play though doesn’t fair too well. Your bigger game modes often times have too much time running around without enemies only for you to get stuck in a choke point on the map with your team being constantly slaughtered. Heroes vs Villains is a cool concept until you realize that if you get stuck using a character that doesn’t have a lightsaber or can fly around that you are walking bait to be killed quickly.

That’s one problem the online has and that is when you can use a special hero or villain prepare to dominate. With a higher damage rate, special attacks that if used right can wipe through troops, and a large health count that also regenerates they are as close to a walking tank as it gets.

Overall Battlefront 2 flops hard. The game looks good and controls decent enough but lacks the enjoyment element mostly. Online has too many problems that is only toppled by the inclusion of a pay to win loot box element. This game might go down as one of the hardest flops in gaming not only of 2017 but of the last decade.

Score : 3/10

  • Xbox One
  • Nov. 17th, 2017
  • Electronic Arts



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