The Babysitter (2017) Review

The Babysitter comes as a Netflix original film that blends comedy and horror together flawlessly and feels like something we would have seen ten years ago with how cool it comes across as.

We are shown a simple story about a young boy who while having a babysitter over discovers the babysitter and her friends killing a guy as part of a satanic cult and from there the hi jinks get out of hand.

One good thing about this movie is that it never tries to be anything but itself. We are given a simple premise it never strays from and just continually given jokes and over the top moments from one event that got out of control.

Mixed together are the horror and comedy elements actually done well. There are moments are extremely blood and gore but without moments of though you are also thrown quirky one liners from the colorful cast of characters.

On paper the characters may seem like your normal stereotypes including the jock, the humorous one, the hot girl, and the ring leader but each are given their moments to shine and give themselves a personality here.

Overall The Babysitter won’t win any awards or much but it is certainly a enjoyable viewing. This is something to just sit back and enjoy without needing too much thinking put into it.

Score : 8/10

  • Oct. 13th, 2017
  • 1 Hour 25 Minute Run Time
  • Comedy / Horror

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