Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie Review

As a child the Captain Underpants series was a favorite of mine to read as were with many kids my age so upon hearing in 2017 that seemingly out of nowhere it was being made into a movie I was skeptical. Thankfully however it comes across as one of the most delightful animated films of 2017.

We follow George and Harold, two best friends who tell jokes, do pranks, and make handmade comics of a hero in his underwear fighting crime. It’s too bad their principle Mr.Krupp wants to destroy their friendship by separating them into different classes because he hates laughter. Thankfully they hypnotize him using a cheap ring and transform him into their very own made up superhero, Captain Underpants.

It’s a simple effective story laid out and sets up for the films style of humor. We get toilet and potty jokes nonstop, slapstick comedy, gags and so much fourth wall breaking Deadpool might want a cameo. Thankfully the potty humor, sometimes quite literally, comes across as playful and humorous instead of feeling forced and falling short like some films end up doing.

Aside from the humor though Captain Underpants does portray friendship quite well. Kids are shown a good story with morals throughout it while not boring them and even showing humor is a positive thing in life.

Visually this movie is stunning. It brings a bright colorful almost fluffy approach to the world. Cast wise Kevin Hart, Nick Kroll, and Ed Helms all bring it in their roles giving each character their own youthful vibrant tone to them.

Overall I’d have to highly recommend this. Rather it be a child, adult, or anyone in between watching it, this movie was made well enough where all age groups will finish it having enjoyed what they saw. With a bright colorful animation, heart, and some good goofy humor I hope this isn’t the last time we see Captain Underpants on the big screen.

Score : 8/10

  • June 2nd, 2017
  • 1 Hour 29 Minute Run Time
  • Comedy / Animated


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