Splatoon 2 Review

Splatoon is looking to be Nintendos new token game for a online competitive shooter, will fans returning from the first or new to series enjoy one of the Switchs highest regarded games?

Starting off in a lobby where you can enter single player, multiplayer, changing your characters weapons and accessories, but also acts as a hub where you can see other players characters in the world.

Included is a single player campaign that is actually almost too long. With different areas and zones the game even goes down to a pin pointed precision with side objectives and collectables.

It isn’t all great in the single player though especially when stuff like “Sheldon’s Requests” come along. These are objectives that make you use a specific weapon to complete it. Just like with any other game involving weapons you won’t enjoy every weapon in the game so being forced to use one you don’t care for just adds a unwanted element into the game.

Onto the multiplayer though, Splatoon 2 offers a very smooth and solid online experience. The controls for the game are as fluid as the paint you are spewing. Games themselves are short enough to always feel like it’s a rush to the finish line on who will win and there are enough weapons and ways to play to make you perfect your craft. Sadly not all is perfect online though.

What is by far one of the worst ideas for a modern video game is that the game is on a nonstop two hour map rotation with two means. That means you better get use to the same maps during your play time if you plan on playing more than two games that is. In this day and age it just seems too unnecessary and often times made me want to stop playing after a few games.

They do something similar with the online game modes like Ranked and League limiting maps and game modes off to certain times. This limits being able to play modes like Salmon Run (Horde Mode) to certain times when the game allows it to be the mode of choice. Just having limited maps and game modes at any given time makes this a hard game to want to invest long sessions in when playing with friends or alone.

Splatoon 2 leaves you feeling different though. On one hand the game is just so gorgeous and such a smooth fun game once you get going. Once you start thinking about the problems in single player then the fact that modes and maps are on constant lock down and rotation makes it a game played best in short bursts. While I suggest Splatoon 2 be a game anyone with a Switch should at least try they have just enough wrong here to hold it back from reaching its full potential.

Score : 7/10

  • July 21st, 2017
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo


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