Arms Review

Nintendo isn’t exactly known anymore for making first party new IP’s so is Arms a new entry into their long running first party library or is this one just just doesn’t hit the marks needed?

Arms is taking the fighting genre to a different direction in ARMS. It’s a behind the character 3D fighting game where your arms can stretch out across the map to attack your opponent. Unlike a Street Fighter or Tekken though this isn’t a fighting game with a button mashing tendency behind it. ARMS requires some strategy as throwing a punch that doesn’t land does put you out there for damage.

It’s almost a odd placement though as ARMS requires some thought behind your actions but never feels like you need to put much thought into your every move. It doesn’t seem to go into one way or the other too much or enough to place itself in a category instead being left in a odd space almost. You do have the choice in arms however with each arm having different advantages and are even given the choice to mix and match arms to your desire to get a set that fits your play style just right.

There is no story mode however just having a single player Grand Prix. Even unlike other games where its put out in a tournament or board to move up in, ARMS just puts you up against ten fighters in back to back matches.  This aspect of it makes it feel very old school but also doesn’t work with that old school vibe. Instead it just feels like we weren’t given anything too proper while every other current fighting game is able to give a full fleshed out single player mode.

Sadly though they did add other game modes in as mini games to go between your fighting matches as well. Target practice, volleyball, and hoops are just a few of the mini games you can be treated too. Sadly though none are that good and instead end up being a nuisance instead of a well deserved break between fighting matches.

Don’t expect to jump right into the online mode either. That is until you beat the Grand Prix mode. Until that is beaten you can only play the Party mode online which in sort is a disaster and not what anyone would want. It did seem like a dumb move to force players to complete their single player mode before allowing them to go online.

Overall ARMS may not even be a real fighting game, instead just being a best of 3 match with whoever can curve their arm for the hit. It is fun and at first and easy to pick up the basics for but it just isn’t something I could find myself wanting to play for extended times. I’m not sure if I can see something like ARMS 2 happening either though.

Score : 5.5/10

Release Date : June 16th, 2017

System : Nintendo Switch



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