Dead Alliance Review

  • August 27th, 2017
  • Maximum Games
  • Xbox One

Dead Alliance is a game that does so much wrong it almost becomes shocking at how it was released onto a modern system.

I’ll kick this review off with one of the worst things I’ve seen in modern games. Dead Alliance comes in different price points allowing you to buy either the multiplayer only section, single player, or both. This alone is a horrible idea by itself but even worse upon playing the game only to realize that this single player mode is just the multiplayer replaced by bots and a half assed survival mode. Nothing else was added, nothing new for single player, only bots. It’s a waste of space and time to make that come off like a single player mode.

The game itself has a concept which if handled well could of been good. It’s a team based online game with NPC controlled zombies thrown into the mix meaning you have zombies and player controlled enemies coming after you. You get a array of grenades as well that control and send zombies towards enemies as a sort of quick helping hand to you.

It’s too bad however that the online is horrible. Games are host based meaning the host always is more powerful and the game seems to sometimes have a hard time handling even that as I ran across chunks of lag throughout the games.

With the standard online modes such as King Of The Hill, Capture And Hold, Team Death match, Free For All, Capture The Flag and Attrition as far as modes go you know what to do. This where the zombie aspect falls short quick. If attacked by more than one zombie your guy pretty much stops and freezes and accepts death as his fate. Most of the time running throughout the maps the zombies just seem more as a nuisance then anything just being in the way.

The FPS mechanics are slow and sluggish. When moving and looking around / aiming it feels like your character is weighted down. Using melee has a lag to it and feels slow to do the action. It just feels like they somewhat stopped trying to make the game so everything just barely functions. For instance your character can jump but gets clipped on almost anything he should be able to jump on and isn’t able to do so.

These graphics might be some of the worst of Xbox One though. It feels like a early PS2  game. Maps and environments just look dirty and zombies only have a few types and up close don’t look great.

Overall Dead Alliance is horrible. It’s a waste of time and money and takes a interesting idea and fails in every aspect possible. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone especially when they dear to charge for it the way they do.

Score : 1/10

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