South Park The Fractured But Whole Review

  • Oct. 17th, 2017
  • Ubisoft
  • Xbox One

South Park The Stick Of Truth was a shocking game when released a while back combining the South Park universe with a turn basked RPG. With the new outing titled “The Fractured But Whole” however does Ubisoft strike gold again in the South Park universe?

The game starts off right after the first game ended with you continuing as “The New Kid”. Instead of having a Lord Of The Flies type world they are pretending to play in though we are instead giving a South Park universe where they are all superheroes.

Similar to the first game as well the game play is now a deeper grid based style of turn based RPG combat. Where you are on the grid and what powers you have determine when and where you can attack an enemy.  This works well in itself but does lead to later fights involving turns skipped just to attempt to line your character up.

What doesn’t work however is that for all this in the turn based game play, it sometimes just feels boring. Fights can feel slow and dragged out often times where as in Stick Of Truth I never found myself dreading a large scale character fight.

The game play continues to show flaws however. You will collect loot along the way with a option to craft items, but I can’t say I never found myself needing to craft a item to use unless it was needed to continue through the mission. You’ll often to making it just to raise your crafting level enough to make the next armor piece to wear.

Quests as well are a mixed bag as well. You’ll have fun quests where you’ll team up with other characters but then you’ll get stuck with fetch quests just the game before it. These fetch quests truly show how unimpressive the world is in this game. Travel feels slow while nothing in the world changes much. You’ll spend time walking around the same blocks over and over. There is a fast travel option though but you have to be at a fast travel flag to activate it. I did notice as well that doing the fast travel would more times than not slow the game down usually resulting in the game crashing.

This would all be so much more acceptable if the game had constant humor. The Stick Of Truth really won because it had such outrageous giant moments mixed in with constant humor. This one however seems to fall short on it more times than not while the fart mechanic in the game is funny for the first time but seems to be the go to joke for most of the game.

Overall fans of the series will still likely enjoy this but it falls short of the amazing game before it. With dull game play, a lifeless and bland city and humor that is hit or miss I can only hope that if we are given a 3rd South Park game they either fine tune the game play or change it entirely.

Score : 5/10

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