AAW Take No Prisoners 5.6.2017 Review


  • May 6th, 2017
  • Logan Square Auditorium


AAW Take No Prisoners 2017 is a card loaded with some of top indy names in wrestling but manages to come out feeling mediocre with only a few standout matches.

Paco vs. Connor Braxton vs. Jason Cade vs. Aero Boy vs. Myron Reed vs. Space Monkey. This match started the card and did a good enough job with it. Cade and Reed both come off looking good for their AAW debut. The match only lasted about 8 minutes and remained fast paced enough to keep the crowd into it.

AAW Heavyweight Title: Sami Callihan vs. ACH. Starting directly at the end of the last match with Callihan running in to rip Aero Boys mask off before Fenix runs out and attacks him. Shortly after ACH runs in with a ref and announces the match has now begun. Both men were going full pace at each other to make it a faster entertaining fight. Only downfall to the match is the interference at the end to help Sami win.

Bobby Fish vs. Trevor Lee. This match should of been exciting and fun but just fell so flat. It seemed like either they didn’t mesh well together. For this being Fish’s debut it was certainly a lackluster way to showcase it and by ending the match with a roll up pin with tights held it just left an even more sour taste in every ones mouth.

Colt Cabana vs. Ethan Page. As expected this was the comedy match of the evening. Since it’s in Colts hometown and was on his birthday he gave a speech only for Page to interrupt him. Both men worked well and Colt continues to show just how he is one of the most fluid workers in the industry.

Michael Elgin vs. Zack Sabre Jr. Match of the night by far. As usual ZSJ shows he is a submission master by working throughout the match on Elgins arm and Elgin played it off greatly. It was fun seeing Elgin have to change his offensive moveset to protect the arm that ZSJ had been attacking all match. Down to the last few minutes where Elgin started to pick up the offense this match had everyone glued to their seats and showed why both men are two of the hottest in the indys right now.

Eddie Kingston vs. David Starr. Starr did his best to try and put some life into this match. Though it was a downer in part to Kingston cutting a promo saying his neck is injured and he just doesn’t want to be a wrestler anymore. Kingston had almost no offense during the match and the match just dragged on.

Alex Daniels, Davey Vega, and Mat Fitchett vs. Chuck Taylor, Stephen Wolf, and Trey Miguel This was a match that had its fast paced more complex team moments but it just never fulled clicked. This may in part be due to it being a 6 man tag match with both legit tag teams having an extra random thrown onto their team. It isn’t a bad match but the crowd never seemed into it either and possibly suffered from that.

AAW Heritage Title: Penta El Zero M  vs. Keith Lee. This was a quick one that wasn’t expected to be that. Coming in at just under 8 minutes Penta and Keith a fun but not over the top match with Penta hitting two back to back destroyers on Lee for the win.

AAW Tag Team Titles: The Killer Cult (Jake Crist and Sami Callihan)  vs. Team Fonix (AR Fox and Rey Fenix)

Callihan pulling double duty since Dave Crist was injured. This match started off insane with nonstop destroyers being pulled and never let go from there. It seemed like they were just blowing through fast in a string of spot after spot. It was a good match between both teams and ended with a title change.


Score : 5/10



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